Lauren Tannehill Poses For Maxim

When Ryan Tanehill was drafted into the NFL this year by the Miami Dolphins the Twitterverse lit up. But they weren’t talking about the quarterback. Nope, they were talking about his beautiful wife Lauren Tannehill.

Tannehill is reportedly taking advantage of the media attention and has just posed for a photo-shoot for Maxim magazine. The official photos haven’t been released yet but Lobshots has a few “behind the scenes” photos showing Tannehill dressed in Dolphin colors and striking the Heisman pose.

The Dolphins will be featured on HBO’s “Hard Knocks” this year which means that Lauren Tannehill’s celebrity could grow exponentially by the end of the NFL season. Sure, Ryan Tannehill is only the backup quarterback at the moment but that doesn’t mean that the Tannehills won’t command the camera.

Look at Tim Tebow. It’s practically impossible to read something about the New York Jets without getting an update on Tim Tebow, despite the fact that his playing time will likely be limited next season.

Are you ready for a new celebrity sports couple? Will Lauren Tannehill turn her celebrity into a reality show?

lauren tannehill

[UPDATE: The photos of Lauren Tannehill were taken in Hollywood by photographer Roger Snider. The photos are currently being shopped around to various magazines. Maxim has not yet made an offer for the photos. You can see more images on Snider’s website.]