Meghan King Edmonds Calls Tamra Judge Her Mentor, Predicts ‘RHOC’ Return

Meghan King Edmonds is predicting that she’ll be a cast member of The Real Housewives of Orange County for more than one season. On Monday, Meghan, the show’s newest cast member, tweeted that she thinks she’ll be back next season.

On Sunday, a viewer tweeted, calling the housewives’ questioning of Brooks Ayers’ claim that he has cancer “disgusting.” The viewer expressed their hopes it would be Meghan’s last season. Meghan responded by saying that someone faking cancer was disgusting. She maintained that she’s on the side of the viewers. Meghan also added that she suspected she’d be back.

After a blogger tweeted that Meghan won’t be asked back for season 11, Meghan tweeted for that person to not hold her breath.

One person Meghan likely hopes to bond more with on the next season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, if she is indeed asked back, is Tamra Judge. In response to a gay viewer who said that he would turn straight for Tamra and Meghan, Tamra said that he clearly has a type.

Meghan’s response was calling Tamra her “mentor.”

Despite Meghan King Edmonds being Vicki Gunvalson’s enemy, Tamra Judge has had no qualms about hanging out with her, both on and off the show. The two now seem to be such good friends that they vacation together. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Tamra spent a few days in Kansas City with Meghan and her husband, Jim Edmonds, in mid-September. Tamra commented on one photo she posted that Meghan’s her “mini-me.”

Another person who seems to get along well with Meghan now is Shannon Beador. A BravoTV.comblog post published after the Season 10 reunion show reveals that Meghan was seated next to Tamra and Shannon on one couch, opposite Vicki and Heather Dubrow. After the reunion, Shannon posted a photo of herself looking very happy with Tamra and Meghan at the reunion.


A day after the reunion show, Meghan posted a photo of herself wearing a “FBI” hat, in reference to her self-proclaimed role as the show’s truth-seeker. Both Tamra and Shannon commented that they loved the hat. Shannon, in particular, was excited over the hat.


“shannonbeador: OMG!!! Said FBI/CIA in interviews and they never used it!! 😩 Another thoughtful and on the spot gift@adamkarpel! Love it!!!

Although being new to the show, Megan King Edmonds has not been afraid of taking on Vicki Gunvalson, the “OG of the OC.” Despite Vicki repeatedly telling (and sometimes screaming) at her to stay out of Brooks Ayers’ business, Meghan has questioned and investigated Brooks’ cancer diagnosis. Meghan has gone so far as calling Brooks’ ex-girlfriend and the medical offices he said he used in an attempt to discredit him.

In the face of intense criticism from many of the show’s viewers, Meghan isn’t apologizing for making it her personal mission to prove that Brooks Ayers is lying.

Meghan continues to vigorously defend herself. On Sunday, Meghan tweeted that without truth and justice seekers, such as herself, injustices like child labor, slavery and discrimination will continue.

On Sunday, Meghan maintained that she didn’t go on the show with an agenda to take Vicki Gunvalson down.

As Monday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County aired, Meghan King Edmonds called Brooks Ayers, who recently had his attorney send her a letter demanding that she apologize and stop her behavior, a loser.

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