‘Castle’ Spoilers: What’s Next For Kate And Rick As Season 8 Continues?

Season 8 of Castle got off to quite the start with a two-part premiere that put a serious wrench into the relationship between Castle and Beckett. Where are things headed from here? Episode 3 of the new season airs Monday night on ABC, and fans are anxious for Castle spoilers about what comes next.

During the first two episodes of the season, viewers watched as Castle searched for Beckett, and then Kate broke up with Rick to try to protect him. Fans waited for many seasons to see Beckett and Castle wed and have a happy life together, so tearing these two apart already has not necessarily gone over well with fans. Just how far will the writers take this storyline?

As TV Guide notes, the October 5 episode is titled “PhDead.” Viewers will see Castle take on the persona of a college professor, when a case arises that involves a gruesome fraternity member death. As Rick and Kate investigate, they will manage to learn of other tidbits the college wants to keep under wraps.

The split between Kate and Rick at the end of the Season 8 premiere definitely has fans buzzing, but not necessarily in the best of ways. As TVLine details, those behind the show are insistent that this “bold choice” that will ultimately lead to something satisfying for viewers.

'Castle' stars Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion

Just what does that mean? Showrunners Alexi Hawley and Terence Paul Winter share that Monday’s episode will give viewers a sense of where things are heading, and that this twist is just the beginning of what lies ahead this season. They tease Castle spoilers that the split will provide an opportunity to crank up the stakes in this relationship and provide a spark that will amp things up, though there is heartbreak involved as well.

The showrunners also say that the Castle and Beckett split provides an opportunity to allow for some twists and turns ahead that could not have been done had Rick and Kate stayed together at this point. For now, Rick will focus on trying to simply win Kate back, rather than dig too deep into the potential ulterior motives for her initiating the split.

Castle spoilers indicate that there will be a bit of Beckett digging into the case that drove the split, but it won’t be a focus in these next couple of episodes. Things will get a bit heavier on this front come Episodes 6 and 7, but this clearly is going to take a while to play out.

As frustrated as fans are that there is now a wedge between these two characters, the showrunners indicate there will be some humor ahead that fans may well enjoy. It seems it will become something of a running gag that Castle will go to some humorous lengths to stay connected with Beckett as cases arise. Though the two are apart, the characters will still be heavily intertwined.


Just how long will this split last? The good news is that Castle spoilers seem to indicate that Rick and Kate will work through this and be even stronger once all is said and done. In addition, the good news is that this split doesn’t seem to be a season-long plot.

It sounds as if there will be some closure on this front come the fall finale, and the second half of the season will shake things up in a new way. The showrunners promise that this first half of Season 8 has a lot of fun stuff coming up, and fans will come to enjoy it all if they give it a chance.

Fans have definitely been outspoken about this latest twist and not necessarily in support of the Rick and Kate split. What comes next and how will viewers react? Everybody will have to tune into Episode 3 of Castle Season 8 airing Monday, October 5 on ABC to find out.

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