Jenelle Evans Fights For Her New Man: ‘He’s A Sweetheart And A True Southern Gentleman’

Jenelle Evans wants the world to know that her new man, David Eason, is not a bad man. It is no secret that Jenelle tends to pick the wrong guys, including guys with anger management issues, temper issues, or criminal records. When Evans announced her new relationship with Eason, people quickly thought that it was the wrong decision. But Evans is now defending him, saying that he is the perfect gentleman.

Jenelle Evans may know a lot more about David than fans do, and she could have talked to him about his criminal past. Apparently, Jenelle’s ex-husband Courtland Rogers was shocked that Jenelle was dating David, as the two supposedly spent time locked up a few years ago over dope charges. But in Jenelle’s eyes, Eason could be anything but troublesome.

According to a new Radar Online report, Jenelle Evans is now hinting that she is super happy with her new relationship, and she doesn’t care about other people’s opinions. She is apparently fine with his arrest record. Jenelle’s new man was convicted of possessing drug paraphernalia back in 2012 and served four months in prison. This is where he supposedly met Courtland Rogers. And he seems to have an opinion about Eason, but Jenelle doesn’t care.

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“She’s telling friends he’s not a bad guy. He’s a sweetheart and he makes her so f**king happy,” a source has revealed about Jenelle Evans’ new relationship, adding, “He’s a true southern gentleman.”

The two are very serious. Jenelle jumped into this romance without thinking twice, and she seems to love every minute of it. He works five days a week, and when he is off work, he rushes to be by her side. And he is trying everything to make Jenelle happy.

“He hung up a picture for her with lights because she mentioned before she went to the gym that she wanted it done. Her jaw dropped when she got home and saw it. And he was making her dinner,” the source said, adding, “Chicken Alfredo with onions and peppers and green beans because it is her favorite. He made his own version and she loved it. She says that it has been pretty awesome having help around the house.”

Of course, Evans’ romance with Nathan has come to an end. As fans saw on Teen Mom, he has clearly moved on from her. But the two share custody of little Kaiser, so they will have to see one another on a regular basis. Hopefully, this won’t get her arrested again.

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“It’s all good because life is perfect since she moved and she is stress free,” the source reveals, adding about Nathan Griffith, “He isn’t going to file for custody, he told her. But she has built up anger towards him for how he treated her. She sees that how happy she is now shows how badly she was treated and it makes her mad.”

Now that Jenelle Evans is in the honeymoon phase, she could already be thinking about starting a family with Eason. According to In Touch Weekly, Evans really wants another child, and she claims to want a little girl. However, Jenelle isn’t thinking about having another baby just yet. She is ready to wait a little while. The baby thoughts could have surfaced thanks to her new relationship with Eason. Jenelle did say the same things about Nathan Griffith and Courtland Rogers — and both of those relationships ended horrendously.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans defending her new man? Do you think she is ready to have another baby and possibly with Eason, or do you think she should wait a little?

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