The Voice: Which Contestants So Far Could Win It All?

The Voice Season 9

The Voice is set to wrap up blind auditions this week. Before we get to the final auditions, let’s take a look at a few standouts who’ve already made a huge impact.

You never know which way the Voice judges will go when it comes to more mediocre talents. Sometimes they get a pity save, other times they’re let go. Heck, even artists seen as shoe-ins for the live show (Taylor Phelan from Season 7) can be victims to surprise eliminations.

However, twists and turns aside, there have been a few Voice contestants who’ve made such strong impressions, they have clear “finale” potential. Here are the singers who did so well with their blind auditions, it proves they have the potential to win Season 9 of The Voice.

Jordan Smith was this Voice season’s truly “blind” audition. Audience members at home were given the chance to hear him sing and decide for themselves — whether they would push their “big red buttons” would be decided entirely on his voice alone. The response was a resounding “Yes” if you happen to have the official Voice app.

Smith killed it with Sia’s “Chandelier.” Sia is a very tough artist to cover thanks to a combination of strong vocals and emotive quality. Jordan Smith’s vocals are smooth that he can hit the high notes and not leave listeners with the strong urge to cover their ears. His voice obviously didn’t paint the physical representation that the judges or audience was suspecting, but it’s a powerful voice nonetheless.

If Jordan continues to deliver performances like this, he could very well sail to the Top 4.

Evan McKeel shocked me. I honestly was so-so with his version of “Typical.” He was okay, but I wasn’t moved. Then Voice coach Pharrell Williams got Evan to sing a few lines from the Stevie Wonder song “Overjoyed.”

After munching on a bit of crow, I was able to admit that there was much more McKeel than I had previously assumed. It may be too soon to call him a front-runner, but he’s definitely someone to keep your eye on. What the Pharrell exercise proved is that his ability to progress on The Voice is going to be based primarily on song choice. In retrospect, “Typical” was a bad choice. Had Evan gone with “Overjoyed” in the first place, his winning potential would have been way more obvious.

Since Pharrell Williams now has McKeel on his team, it’s possible he may have a back-to-back winner in this young man.

This duo didn’t have the bigger voices — that would be Jubal and Amanda. And yet, it was Andi and Alex who impressed me more. Adam Levine, who managed to snag the blonde twins, made an observation that I agree with.

“You could hear each of you being compassionate to the other vocally. [I] think you are one of the most perfectly fitting duos I’ve ever heard.”

I think that the fact that these two are twins and vocally so similar helps them to maintain a vocal connection that is both compassionate and complimentary. They already have a unique look and sound, so it’s possible that they may amass quite a bit of fans as the season progresses.

In a battle with other duos, I feel like Andi and Alex will go the farthest on The Voice since they represent the complete package.

If there’s a dark horse in this competition, I’d say it’s Krista Hughes. Her Voice performance actually surprised me more than Jordan Smith’s. While Smith was a case of America being so shallow, we assume someone’s looks determines their talent, with Hughes it was something else. The surprise with her cover of “Angel From Montgomery” was that you probably didn’t expect such a hauntingly mature voice to come out of her.

Such maturity isn’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. Voice judge Blake Shelton was right when he said that song choice would be “more important for her than any other artist” on the show (with perhaps the exception of Evan).

These people are so different from each other in terms of how they look and sound, yet they all have a unique spark that could carry them far in the competition. However, their choice of coaches, the singers they go up against in the Knockout Rounds, and songs chosen for or by them (and the arrangements used) could all play important factors. If everything goes in their favor, I say at least one of these talented singers can win The Voice.

Disagree? Have a better Voice singer in mind? Share your thoughts on talents likely to make the season finale below.

[Image Credit: The Voice / YouTube]