Watch: Japanese Man Accidentally Burns Down His Apartment While Reviewing A Lighter Live Online, Kills His Neighbor

A Japanese man has managed to kill his neighbor in the absurdest of ways. Yoshihiro Mazda, a man who live-streamed product reviews live for his followers on Twitch, was filming a demo of a lighter when he accidentally set his home on fire. The fire eventually got so big that it engulfed two of his neighboring apartments, killing one woman, Japanese local media outlet Sankei reported.

In the 11-minute video, which was uploaded on YouTube yesterday and has since been viewed almost four million times, the man can be seen taking out a brand new lighter from a box to review for his followers. Smoking a cigarette while attempting to use the lighter, the Japanese man wipes off some lighter fluid on a tissue and tosses it into the trash.

He begins to light the matchbox which would ultimately lead to the tragedy.
He attempts to use water to extinguish the fire.

The man appears to be clumsy from the very beginning, and just before the five-minute mark in the video, he can be seen accidentally lighting a matchbox. He throws the burning matchbox to one side, but puts the burning piece of matchstick in a bin of sorts on the other side of where he is sitting, starting a flame in the other direction too.

While the fire continues, he pours liquid over the flame he started, unmindful of the fire burning behind him. About thirty seconds later, we see him picking up the pile of waste papers and other flammable objects kept in the room, which he carries to the back end of the room near his wooden cupboard.

Trying to extinguish the flame using cardboard boxes, the man leaves the room to fetch water. Meanwhile, the flame keeps getting out of control, and by the time the man is back, the fire is too big too be extinguished by the paltry amount of water he has brought from his kitchen. Then, in a moment of nervousness, the man makes the unthinkable mistake of using a dry blanket to extinguish the fire. The blanket catches fire too, of course, and everything from there on is a desperate attempt to calm the fire, which has gone completely out of control by now.

In a final, ultimate effort, the Japanese man brings more water to extinguish the fire, but it is beyond his control by the ten-minute mark in the video. By the end of the clipping, none of the things in the room are visible except the fire, as it engulfs the length and breath of his apartment.

The man, believed to hail from Shikoku, Japan, ultimately managed to flee his apartment, according to SBS.

Though earlier reports suggested that no one was injured in the ludicrous incident, Metro reports that firefighters recovered the charred body of a woman after six hours of struggle.

One can hear the sounds of his followers speaking to him in the video, and a YouTube poster ChaoticApocalypseexplained what those voices were trying to say, reported The Mirror.

“It’s his stream-chat, a lot of streamers have a text-to-speech thing set up to read out donation messages and stuff, so his viewers were sending him messages. When the fire first starts the voice reads out a message saying: ‘Ushiro! Ushiro!’ [Behind! Behind], so one of his viewers was trying to warn him of the burning bag behind him. Later on the messages are stuff like: ‘How did this even happen’ and ‘Why aren’t you calling 119?’.”

We hope that other live-streamers can take some cognizance of how not to be clumsy like the man while reviewing their products online.

[Photos via YouTube]