Stoner Tries To Pay For Denny’s Meal With A Bag Of Weed

This odd story sounds like the beginning of a bad joke starting with “A man walks into a Denny’s and says ‘I’ll give you this bag of weed and $1 for that burger and those fries.'”

However, according to Niagara Falls police, this was no joke.

Doing nothing for the reputation of the late night diner, a Niagara Falls man strolled into a Denny’s around 2 a.m. on Saturday night, clearly suffering from a case of the late night munchies.

After perusing the Denny’s menu that does anything but lack variety, the young man settled for a simple burger and fries.

With many other things to do at 2 in the morning, the man orders to go and is presented with the check totaling $9.91. Using those street smarts, he then proceeds to take a small bag of cannabis and a $1 bill and slap it down on the counter to propose a settlement.


Obviously rejected for his generous offer, the pothead isn’t deterred in the least bit and has an even better idea.

Figuring that he might as well make the best of this opportunity, the man then decides to do a little business, trying to strike a deal with his fellow customers by offering the bag of weed at very reasonable, but beneficial price.

Taking action against the disturbance, the cashier immediately called the police causing the drug dealer to make a quick dash for the woods behind the restaurant.

A fellow Denny’s patron did recognize the man and pointed police to his home where it is unclear if he has yet been arrested