Miley Cyrus Disses Ariana Grande, Donutgate In ‘SNL’ Monologue

Just when Ariana Grande seemed to have moved on from #DonutGate, Miley Cyrus goes on national TV to bring it right back into the spotlight.

The controversial pop star kicked off the new season of SNL by poking fun at Ariana Grande’s career defining scandal in a hilarious musical number to open up the new season on Saturday night. Not that she singled out just Ariana of course, Cyrus also lambasted Drake, Meek Mill, Kim Davis, Rick Santorum, and many more in her colorful number.

The four-minute monologue opened with Miley garbed in a sparkly, flower dress, ready to kiss the summer of 2015 officially goodbye. That, of course, entailed Ariana’s donut licking scandal. About three minutes into the bit, Cyrus sang to the “Donut that Ariana Grande licked” and sung the words, “bit off more than I can chew” in reference to it. Ouch.

Miley Cyrus Disses Ariana Grande

Grande, of course, has in fact moved on, appearing on stage at the Global Citizens Fest as Coldplay front man Chris Martin’s surprise guest, as reported by the Inquistr.

“We could just appear as Coldplay, the English band, or we could take a moment in our set where we cross generations with someone much more talented and much more good looking and by association make us look better,” he joked before introducing Ariana, as reported by E! Online. “With that in mind, I talked to my kids and asked who would be the most awesomest person to come sing with us and with deliberation, the amazing young singer Ariana Grande came.”

Ariana has also kept busy on the set of FOX’s hit show Scream Queens, albeit for just one episode, where her character was brutally slain in just the first episode. In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, however, Ariana hinted that her death is not necessarily the last you’ll see from her character.

“(Fans are) like ‘Are you really dead? Are you Boone? No, I’m not Boone. But you will see me again.”

It’s interesting to note, the reporter who wrote the article also made it a point to express how well behaved Grande was during the interview and to her fans who came to see her as she stopped at local store locations that carry her new fragrance.

“Either reports of diva behavior have been greatly exaggerated — or Grande was going out of her way to make those reports a thing of the past. Grande came off as a regular 22-year-old during our brief interview, except for the fact that she was being shadowed by security, managers and her personal photographer.”

That alleged behavior was on full display over the summer when Ariana was caught licking a donut that was on display and available for customers at a local bakery. She was also heard on camera dissing Americans for their poor eating choices, and acting reckless with her boyfriend Ricky Alvarez. The fallout continued from #Donutgate when Grande’s first apology came off as insincere and she was forced to post a second, longer and more sincere apology.

“I made a mistake, and I’m being judged for it. I understand because I watched it, and I was just as disappointed in myself,” Grande said in the four-minute clip. “I’m 22 years old. I’m human. I’ve still got a lot to learn, and I make mistakes, and that’s how I’m going to learn. I’m going to learn from my mistakes and learn by messing up, and that’s how we grow.”

Ariana Grande Apologizes For DonutGate

And learn she apparently has. Ariana credits her “three amazing managers” who take “very good” care of her. Focused on her new album, Moonlight, it appears Ariana Grande’s troubles are in the past. Assuming Miley Cyrus doesn’t continue to bring it up again.

Watch Miley Cyrus diss Ariana Grande, Meek Mill, Drake and more below:

[Ariana Grande photo credit: Neilson Barnard / Getty Images, Miley Cyrus image via YouTube]