Tori Spelling Talking About Her Sex Life With Lie Detector: New Low

Instead of competing with the other networks, Lifetime is cornering the market on the lowest common denominator with unauthorized biographies and now, Tori Spelling: Celebrity Lie Detector is in the spotlight. Last night, Spelling shared the names of the guys she slept with on 90210, because she believes her fans need to know.

The Inquisitr reported that it was teased on promos that Spelling slept with Luke Perry, but last night, Spelling revealed that it was actually Brandon Priestly that she slept with, in addition to Brian Austin Green. The Unauthorized 90210 Biography, which was the lead in, was a bit hokey and showed cartoonish versions of each 90210 character.

The Toronto Sun's take, "Tori Spelling Sex Admission A New Low In The Celeb Fame Game," says it all about the feelings of those who watched both shows.
"Tori Spelling's TV shows may be in decline, her mom feud is history, her parasitical reality TV star cheatin' toxic dump of a hubby has lost his awesome repulsion factor and nasty burns apparently don't cut much ice. Now that the lowlife is at the centre of society, Teen Mom or 16 And Pregnant no longer have the power to thrill; there will have to be some alteration in that programming, and we think we know what it's going to be. If there's going to be a school shooting every week in America, it won't be long before it's all televised."
Vanity Fair says that the movie and the special are an attempt to reboot Spelling's flailing career.
"In the clip from the special released on Friday, Spelling volunteered that she'd had 'intimate relations' with two members of the original 90210 cast. One was Brian Austin-Green, who was her on- and off-screen boyfriend at the time. But who else? Friday's clip cut off after Spelling said it wasn't Ian Ziering, but before she said whether it was Jason Priestley or Luke Perry."
Surprise! It was not Luke Perry, though Spelling suggested that she had a crush on him and would likely have bedded him too. At the time, Ian Ziering was 30 to Spelling's 16, so that would have been creepy, and criminal. But it was revealed that she slept with Jason Priestly after sleeping with Brain Austin Green. Her father, Aaron Spelling, must have been so proud.

"It was a summer fling, it was off set, it was our version of, like, a summer romance," Spelling told host Louise Roe, who was just about having a heart attack at the news.

The rest of the lie detector special covered cast conflicts (read: Shannen Doherty).

She Knows shared more of the down and dirty details with fans, sharing things that maybe nobody needed to hear.

"When Spelling ditched her V-card, she was wearing a cute black dress. She got it stained with blood in the heat of the moment, but nevertheless decided to hang on to it. Later, Doherty, who was looking through her best bud's clothes, decided to wear Spelling's special dress. Doherty was informed of the clothing item's lurid past, but that evidently didn't bother her — she wore it at an iconic Beverly Hills, 90210 photo shoot!"
It also seems that Spelling believes that Shannen Doherty deserved to be fired, though she admits that she played a big role in getting Doherty canned.
Do you think that people really wanted to watch Tori Spelling spills secrets while hooked up to a lie detector?

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