Christine Billis: ‘Snapped’ Profiles Case Of Wife Who Killed Hubby, Charlie Billis, In Car Crash Tonight On Oxygen

The Christine Billis, Charles 'Charlie' Billis auto accident-murder case will be on Snapped tonight.

Christine Billis, the woman who killed her husband in an auto accident, will have her case discussed on the next intriguing episode of Snapped. Oxygen’s Snapped airs murder cases involving women who lived ordinary lives, but later killed because they snapped. Last week, the Inquisitr reported on another Snapped episode involving the case of Carmen Montelongo, a woman who killed her lover and hacked him into pieces before discarding him in a garbage can and flower pots.

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The tragic accident happened in 2009. Neighbors living in the idyllic country town reported hearing a loud crash that Tuesday afternoon, prompting them to go outside to see what happened. It was then they found a badly damaged vehicle up against a tree. 911 was called and paramedics were able to rescue Christine from the mangled car. She had only minor injuries, but was rushed to the local hospital for further analysis. Her husband Charlie had to be pried from the vehicle. He died a short time later due to severe injuries. The accident report revealed that Charlie was not wearing a seat belt at the time and had sustained injuries due to making contact with the front windshield of the car. The investigation also revealed that the car was traveling at a high speed and had made no attempt to stop before striking the tree. Plus, officials had a hard time understanding why the car had left the road to begin with.

At first, some speculated that Christine Billis may have been heavily sedated with medication and the time of the accident. But the true story of what happened to Charlie Bills had a much more grim explanation.

Charles Billis murder victim. [Photo Credit: YouTube]

After her husband’s death, Christine wanted to find a new love and signed up for an online dating service. She met a man named Kevin Leland. The two became close—so close, that Christine confided that she had killed her husband by driving him into the tree “on purpose.” Leland reported the confession to the police. He later blogged about his experience with Christine. According to Lawyers and Settlements Blog, Leland was later arrested for trying to cross the border with drugs. He shared his experience on the documentary show I Dated A Psycho. The case was also aired on Investigation Discovery’s Diabolical.

The Christine Billis case has been used as an example of what can happen when you seek a dating partner online. Here are a few more facts, according to The Bitter Sweet Life.

“There are 54 million single people in the United States, and 40 million of them have tried online dating? The worldwide online dating industry grosses over $4 billion dollars per year, making it a bigger industry than porn. More men are members of online dating sites than women. 10% of sex offenders use online dating services. Each year Internet predators commit more than 16,000 abductions, 100 murders and thousands of rapes.”

Timeline of Christine Billis Case

Tuesday, September 23, 2009—Charlie Billis is involved in a tragic accident and is pronounced dead. September 29: Investigators decide to investigate the accident further. June 29, 2011: A tip comes in to the police station and Christine Billis is arrested and charged with first-degree homicide. July 2012: Christine Billis admits her role in Charlie’s death and pleads guilty. She is eventually convicted and sentenced to 7 to 15 years in prison.

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