Justin Theroux: ‘The Leftovers’ Season Two, Will It Be Different? [Trailers]

Starring Justin Theroux in a major role, HBO’s The Leftovers is one of the most fascinating, enigmatic series in recent TV history and season two is about to start. Fans are asking, will it be along the same lines or will it vary in some ways?

Framed around the sudden disappearance of around two percent of the world’s population, including over 100 from the small town where Justin Theroux’s character, Sheriff Kevin Garvey, lives, the series is unique and mystifying. This is, of course, not really surprising with creator Damon Lindelof of Lost fame at the helm.

Some people hated the show for its slower-paced, dark and twisting plot, but many still fell in love with The Leftovers and are waiting for season two to start.

The show deals with the emotional states of several main characters in the town after their loved ones vanished in what is dubbed the “Sudden Departure.” There are many strange scenes in the mix in season one, including the cult known as the “Guilty Remnant,” who wander around in white clothing, not speaking a word, chain smoking all the while and generally causing problems for other residents and the church in the town.

The Guilty Remnant even went so far as to make lifelike replicas of the departed residents and placed them in their loved ones’ homes, causing incredible grief and shock. The wife of Justin Theroux’s character is part of that cult in season one.

As reported by HNGN, starting Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET, the second season is scheduled to begin and is eagerly awaited by fans of The Leftovers. Leading man Justin Theroux, now newly married to Jennifer Aniston in real life, returns to the starring role yet again.

Theroux was recently interviewed and asked if season two will be along the same lines as season one. He told TVLine.com, “First and foremost, it’s still The Leftovers.”

“It still takes hard, jerky turns and is very emotional and very dark in spots.”

Some of the changes include the location, with the new setting being in a fictional town in Texas. Some new cast members are joining the series, including Family Matters star Regina King. Theroux said the themes “feel very different than the themes of last season, which were almost exclusively grief and loss.”

Justin Theroux added that executive producer Lindelof opens the first episode of the new season up in a way that allows him to “go down different avenues, and it’s beautiful.”

Talking about the new location in Texas, Hitfix reports that some of the show’s returning characters move to the town of Jarden, which apparently lost no residents in the “Sudden Departure.” In Jarden, viewers will be introduced to new characters in the form of a local family led by John and Erika Murphy (played by Kevin Carroll and Regina King, respectively).

Hitfix interviewed Lindelof about the new season of The Leftovers, and asked about his decision to dramatically change the show. Lindelof apparently doesn’t want it to be thought of as a “reboot.” He said that going in, he didn’t intend the series to be quite so dark, but it just came together that way.

Lindelof also stressed that he is trying to use the show to tell his audience that he is never going to explain what caused the “Sudden Departure” in the first place, so anyone hoping for closure on that point will just have to get used to it.

Possibly surprised that the series did so well, despite some thinking it too dark, Lindelof said, “It’s amazing to me that every single television show doesn’t completely and totally fail.”

Watch two trailers of The Leftovers season two starring Justin Theroux below introducing the new location, “the chosen place” of Jarden in Texas.

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