Maisie Williams Says Fans In Denial, Promises ‘Jon Snow Is Dead’

Since Game of Thrones season 5 ended with a gut-wrenching finale, the one question on every fan’s lips has been, “Is Jon Snow really dead?,” and while the resounding answer of “YES!” lingers in limbo (depending on who you ask), series star Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) continues her stance that Jon Snow really is dead.

Warning: possible minor spoilers ahead!

Williams was among the first cast members to support Team Jon Snow Is Dead back when the internet was still recovering from his final scene. In a recent conversation with Christian O’Connell on his Absolute Radio breakfast show, Maisie once again proclaimed that Jon is indeed dead.

“All the time people are asking me if Jon Snow is alive and the answer is no! He’s dead! I promise,” Maisie said. “I think you’re in denial about it for a long time when you see the death of a big character but I can’t help but think it makes for such a great storyline! It keeps you coming back for more. My favourite character was Ygritte. But then she died!”

'Game Of Thrones' The Exhibition
NEW YORK, NY – MARCH 27: (L-R) Actors Kit Harington, Maisie Williams, Rose Leslie, Natalie Dormer, Sophie Turner, and John Bradley attend “Game Of Thrones” The Exhibition New York Opening at 3 West 57th Avenue on March 27, 2013 in New York City.

Readers of the book may have doubts about Snow’s bloody demise, as book five ends with Jon taking what may be his last breath calling out for his wolf, leading many to speculate that while Jon Snow, the man in flesh, may have died in that moment, his spirit transcends on — into his wolf (maybe).

Of course, the only way fans will know with certainty the fate of Jon Snow is to wait for the next installment of the book, or for the premiere of Season 6, which book author George R.R. Martin says will most likely air before he releases the next installment in A Song of Ice and Fire.

Maisie’s revelation comes a week after Kit Harington, the actor who plays Jon Snow, was pictured on the Belfast set, surrounded by Game of Thrones crew members.

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SAN DIEGO, CA – JULY 11: Actress Maisie Williams holds up a T-shirt with her image and the words “Plays Well With Others” on it that she received at the TV Guide Magazine: Fan Favorites panel during Comic-Con International 2015 at the San Diego Convention Center on July 11, 2015 in San Diego, California.

Speaking to Belgian magazine Humo, Harington said that’s he’s contractually obligated to the series for a while.

“Let’s just say that Game Of Thrones will remain a part of my life for a while. I’ll probably be in my thirties when it’s over,” he said.

However, Maisie is adamant the Humo interview was “fabricated.”

“He’s dead. Sorry. The interview that you’ve all read [and] think that Kit spoiled it is fabricated. It was totally false!,” she said.

But why would Maisie be so inclined to announce what could rightly be perceived a series spoiler? She wouldn’t, so is the opinion held by many that Jon Snow, the man, hero and fan favorite, is technically dead, but that doesn’t shade the speculation that he will be resurrected sometime in Season 6, and possibly with the help of the Red Woman.

It will be interesting to hear from Williams and other cast once the new season starts next spring to see if they were instructed on how to phrase their responses to the Jon Snow question.

Meanwhile, when a fan asked Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister) to describe season 6 with an emoji, she replied with emoticons that reflect shock, anger and love.

Season 5 of Game of Thrones ended with Maisie losing her sight, and as Winter Is Coming reports, the starlet has joked about shooting S6 wearing contacts. Williams has also confessed that the suspense of her character “is too much,” so she’s always quick to read her storyline ahead of each new season.

“I’m aware of the other storylines – we’re given the full script at the beginning of each season so we can read ahead – I always flick through my story first, the suspense is too much. I have to see what I’m up to first and then what other people are up to but it’s never the same as seeing on screen – it’s nice to watch and get the full effect.”

Maisie is set to appear in an upcoming episode of Doctor Who, and while it has been rumored that she would play someone close to the Doctor, a new book titled Legends of Ashildr — out December 10 — confirms Williams will play an entirely new character in The Girl Who Died/ The Woman Who Lived. Steven Moffat’s Series 9 guide discussed Williams as Ashildr, a girl who stands up against alien invaders, but the book reveals a lot of spoilers about the character that are not hard to find on sites such as Booktopia — if you’re curious.

Maisie Williams’ Doctor Who character was featured in the series 9 trailer. Check it out below.

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