George Zimmerman Back To Florida, Hopes For New Bond Hearing

George Zimmerman has returned to Florida since a judge revoked his bond last week. Zimmerman’s attorneys are planning to ask for a new bond hearing in order to address any concerns about their client.

In a posting on his website, Zimmerman’s attorney Mark O’Mara writes:

“George Zimmerman has returned to Central Florida, arriving late Saturday evening. On Friday, June 1, the court revoked Mr. Zimmerman’s bond, ordering him to return to custody within 48 hours. The defense team has coordinated with the Sanford Police Department to ensure Mr. Zimmerman’s security when he turns himself in before today’s 2:30 PM deadline.”

The Inquisitr reported earlier this week that a judge revoked Zimmerman’s bond, saying that he had lied about his finances. The judge was also concerned about a second passport.

Zimmerman’s attorney’s are hoping that their clients “voluntary surrender” will show the judge that Zimmerman is not a flight risk.

O’Mara says in a press release:


“Mr. Zimmerman’s lawyers will request a new bond hearing where they can address the court’s concerns regarding the representation of funds available at the time of the original hearing on April 20. The defense team hopes that Mr. Zimmerman’s voluntary surrender to Sanford police will help demonstrate to the court that he is not a flight risk.”

CNN reports that the bond issue is important to the case for several reasons. One, it will determine whether or not Zimmerman waits in prison until his trial. And two, the case will rest heavily on Zimmerman’s testimony, and therefore, his credibility. If Zimmerman lied about his finances jurors may have a hard time believing his story.

Former prosecutor Randy McClean said:

“The other key witness, unfortunately, is deceased. Basically, Zimmerman is going to be asking the jury to believe his version of the facts. … As the case stands now, his credibility is absolutely critical to the case.”