Demi Lovato’s Nude Shoot A Promotional Stint For Upcoming Album Confident

While millions of fans praise Demi Lovato for her recent nude photo shoot for Vanity Fair, some can’t help but feel that Demi Lovato’s bare-all is nothing but a publicity act for her upcoming album, Confident. Is it really a life-transforming thing for Demi to undergo the shoot or are the critics right in suggesting that this is just another humblebrag?

This week, Demi Lovato has been all over the news and the web for her recent bare-all, no-makeup, no-retouch nude photo shoot with photographer Patrick Ecclesine for Vanity Fair. Everyone was surprised when Demi Lovato went to Ecclesine and Vanity Fair for a photo shoot, carrying with her three magic conditions: no makeup, no clothes, and no retouching. Patrick Ecclesine himself wrote the article at Vanity Fair regarding his experience shooting Demi Lovato and the article shows how both shocked and moved Ecclesine was by Demi’s request.

Demi Lovato bares all to Ecclesine, talking about her great-grandfather Buddy Moore, to whom she was very close to, who passed away the day before they took her photos naked. Speaking about her sadness, she said the following.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past day, it’s that life is too short…I want to show the side of me that’s real, that’s liberated, that’s free. What if we do a photo shoot where it’s totally raw? Super-sexy, but no makeup, no fancy lighting, no retouching, and no clothing. Let’s do it here, let’s do it now.”

And thus, the nude photo shoot happened, right then and there. With only Demi Lovato’s assistant and photographer Ecclesine at the Greenwich Hotel room, Demi stripped down, no makeup, no complicated lights or setups.

Behind the scenes of Demi Lovato's nude photo shoot
Behind the scenes of Demi Lovato's nude photo shoot

Demi Lovato has been very vocal about her eating disorder and bulimia issues in the past, and even drug abuse issues, which resorted to her being put into rehab in 2011. It was in 2014, actually, when the eating disorder issue surfaced, which nearly pushed Demi Lovato back towards rehabilitation. But now, Demi shares that she has overcome the pressures that has been plaguing her, and she feels her shoot with Ecclesine has been very empowering.

“It’s empowering and it shows other women that you can get to a place where you can overcome obstacles of body image issues and you can feel comfortable and confident in your skin.”

And while thousands of people went ahead and congratulated and supported Demi Lovato for being fearless and confident about her body to do the raw nude photo shoot, we ask, is it really something to be extremely in awe of, what with Demi Lovato’s extremely curvaceous body and flawless skin?

Interestingly, Demi Lovato’s nude photo shoot coincides with her latest album release entitled Confident.

“I’m about to launch an album that finally represents who I truly am. How do I embrace this new chapter in my life? How do I really walk the walk? What does it mean to be confident? It means letting go, being authentic, saying I don’t give a fuck and this is who I am.”

Demi Lovato's upcoming album, Confident Demi Lovato’s upcoming album, Confident

The Daily Beast doesn’t think Demi Lovato’s nude photo shoot is as empowering as she thinks it is, but more of a humble-brag for the singer-songwriter-actress–which actually makes a lot of sense. Demi Lovato’s body is perfect, even without the aid of makeup, fancy setups, or photoshop. Are we, regular people, supposed to feel great that she looks perfect without any retouch?

“…the nude, unretouched photo shoot has a special way of making us feel terrible. It hammers the message: ‘Don’t kid yourself that you could almost look like her if you had professionals. This is how good she looks without any help.’ Lovato’s skin is glistening, her eyes are smouldering, and her ass is nothing short of perfection—and we are supposed to feel bad for her? Or praise her for her confidence? Or empathize with her body struggles?”

The Daily Beast makes another point, that this is not the first time a magazine is publishing a nude photo shoot under the guise of “brave” and “not caring about what other people think.” Allure does annual nude issues and glossies think that showing celebrities who feel insecure about their almost-perfect appearance (no offense to us, untoned and pimply regular people) under the banner of “courage” and “inspirational” should make us feel any better about ourselves.

Oh and by the way, did we forgot to mention that Demi Lovato is also appearing topless on the October-November cover of Complex?

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