WWE News: WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan Finally Coming Back To Wrestle Very Soon?

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WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan has done everything one can do in WWE almost. He has won Money in the Bank, been the U.S. and IC Champion, and he has won the tag team championship. All of this on top of multiple World Titles and main eventing WrestleMania 30. This isn’t even mentioning his Indy credits. If his career were to be completely over, he would have had a Hall of Fame career in many people’s minds.

Many felt that Bryan’s career was over. However, he has been cleared to return to the ring by a Neurologist after his latest concussion. WWE doctors have not yet cleared him even though it is felt that nothing is wrong. The reason for this according to many is that WWE is involved in a big concussion lawsuit. They either don’t want to risk another injury for Daniel Bryan or they feel that having him back after a concussion might come back to haunt them in the courtroom.

There is some speculation that Bryan could very well return to the ring, however.

On Thursday, it was reported that Daniel Bryan was announced for the European Tour. The following day, he was removed and replaced by Ric Flair. According to The Wrestling Observer, he was supposed to play a General Manager role at the shows.

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It made no sense to remove him really, unless he had prior commitments. Of course, this had been a schedule cleared well in advance.

Some are speculating that Daniel Bryan has finally been cleared to return to the ring and WWE wants to make his return a big surprise. It is thought that Bryan’s return is yet another drastic move by WWE due to low television ratings for both WWE RAW and SmackDown. While WWE is not just throwing Bryan out there, as he has been cleared for months now, they were holding off.

It seems that WWE may very well pull the trigger for this soon. Another big reason for this could be the fact that John Cena will be missing for a bit of time. He is taking a bit of time off, which will only hurt ratings more as John Cena is the biggest star in the company.

Bryan has been known to help ratings. While WWE could have brought him back in a non-wrestling role to WWE RAW or SmackDown, that has not yet occurred for whatever reason.

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Speculation began to grow that Bryan would get back in the ring as recently as a few months ago. Bryan has been telling anyone that would listen that WWE is the one’s who won’t let him back in the ring, it had nothing to do with the doctors telling him he wasn’t ready. Bryan has not had any surgery and he has been cleared. WWE was simply waiting and waiting to what many thought was an unknown reason until the concussion lawsuit started to catch steam.

It seemed to not matter at all that Bryan was okay to return, WWE didn’t want to take the risk.

The reason for the rumored change now is simply ratings as mentioned above. WWE is bringing back several top names this entire month, and Daniel Bryan very well could be back by November to help during this stretch of time if he isn’t back before then. Ratings need the help on a weekly basis, which is something WWE will not get from The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, or any of the WWE Hall of Famers.

While only rumored for now, do not be surprised if WWE brings Daniel Bryan back sooner rather than later. If the ratings weren’t slipping so bad, one could imagine that WWE would not bring him back until closer to WrestleMania season if at all.

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