WWE News: WWE Issues Statement On Why John Cena Is Taking Time Off, Could Miss Survivor Series

The schedule that comes with working for the WWE is strenuous and hectic. What the WWE superstars and production crew do on TV looks fun, but it takes hours to set up and prepare. When the athletes often say that days off don’t exist, they really don’t exist. WWE is on the road almost every day of the calendar year and it’s all to entertain the WWE Universe.

WWE superstars dream of making it to the main event, WrestleMania. It’s those 20-hour days of travel and a show at night that prepares those who are destined for stardom. One person who puts in the time and deserves the spotlight is John Cena. While he is a controversial name in the industry of pro wrestling, Cena is reportedly still one of the first guys to arrive each day and one of last to leave.

After winning 15 WWE championships, Cena is nearing the final stages of his career. He debuted in 2002, alongside Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton and Batista. It’s arguably the greatest year of debuts in WWE history. In times of turmoil, Cena carried the WWE to new heights. He wasn’t quite The Rock or Hulk Hogan, but his contributions to WWE and his historical feuds, Cena deserves some time off.

He just won the United States championship back from Seth Rollins at Night of Champions. The next night, he brought back the U.S. Open Challenge. After a victory by DQ, he’s now off to face Rollins for the U.S. title at MSG on the WWE Network.

Amid all the good news, Cena isn’t going to be around much longer. According to TopRopePress.com, John Cena is taking time off from the WWE.

“Now, word has come out that John will be missing the entire WWE tour of Europe in November. The tour runs for several days and includes the Nov. 9 edition of RAW from Manchester, England.

So for now, we can confirm Cena is not booked for RAW or any shows between the dates of October 26 and November 23. We should note that Survivor Series occurs on November 22, and Cena is also not booked for that event.”

To make matters worse for the WWE fans of John Cena, his time off wasn’t mysterious or left as a rumor for fans to decipher. The WWE put out a statement on Cena’s future hiatus. “John Cena will not be appearing as part of WWE’s European tour this November due to personal reasons,” said WWE officials. The last time Cena took time off was either part of a storyline or an injury occurred.

Since he is a WWE guy through-and-through, something must be bothering the 15-time champion for him to take over a month off. The WWE’s ratings will depend on younger stars to pick up the slack Cena will leave behind. It’s finally time for those new wrestlers to make a definitive impact on WWE television.

When “Mr. Hustle, Loyalty and Respect” does return, he won’t be feuding with Seth Rollins. That will end either tonight at Madison Square Garden or at Hell in a Cell. Mick Foley put on his Facebook page that a great opportunity is staring WWE right in the face.


Properly executed, a Dolph Ziggler/John Cena feud could be HUGE! The MOMENT I saw the teaser for the ?#?TotalDivas? finale – with Dolph, the very real-life former boyfriend of Nicki Bella, telling his former flame he could be a husband and a father – I literally yelled “THAT’S THE ANGLE! THIS IS WHAT ZIGGLER NEEDS!” into my living room. There’s no doubt in my mind that a vicious (as opposed to cool) Ziggler with Nicki Bella by his side could be THE man in ?#?WWE?. Tell me what you think. Will this dream scenario see the light of day?”

If the WWE goes with this feud upon Cena’s return, then Ziggler will finally have a chance to stay at the main event scene. WWE fans would get behind it, especially those who watch Total Divas. That program would bring in another demographic. Plus, add the scenario of Nikki Bella teaming with Ziggler. It just shouts, as Foley says, money.

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