June 29, 2017
'Halo 5' Live Action Trailer Gives Lie To Master Chief's Reported Demise

The Halo 5: Guardians advertising campaign has kicked into another gear over the past week for the upcoming Xbox One shooter. Microsoft and 343 Industries have released live-action trailers and the HunttheTruth radio program that proclaim the demise of Master Chief. A new trailer was released Saturday that will run with Sunday's episode of Fear the Walking Dead that gives the official story.

It all started with the "A Hero's Fall" live-action television commercial released on Sunday, September 27. A UNSC representative announces the Master Chief's death in the line of duty during a broadcast to all United Earth Government colonies. Scenes intercut between civilians, the UNSC representative, and the Master Chief running from an unknown threat on the planet Meridian. The final scene shows buildings collapsing and then security camera footage of the Chief trapped in rubble as the visor on his helmet goes dark.

This was followed by the second episode of the new season of the HunttheTruth radio broadcast featuring Fero. While I don't want to go into any spoilers for those who have not listened to it yet, Master Chief's death was announced during a pivotal moment of the episode.

Speculation found on various forums from Reddit to NeoGAF and others concur that this is all ONI propaganda and the Master Chief is not dead. They are 100 percent correct as the new live-action trailer shows the rest of the story.

Master Chief is buried in rubble as indicated in the previous commercial, but he is not alone. The rest of Blue Team is with him and Linda is able to free him.

So, the Chief is still alive, kicking and ready to save the world once again, but why is the UNSC announcing his death? The ONI commander voiceover provides the reason.

"In all my year of command I've never seen a more determined soldier than Master Chief. You know his service record was unimpeachable. But he's not responding to orders and he's setting these things loose. We created him so we're responsible when we can't control him. When he recruits others to join him. The only thing worse than losing a hero is watching him turn against us.

The official story is the Master Chief is dead. You Spartan Locke are the unofficial story. Your mission is go."

This ties directly into what 343 Industries has provided of the Halo 5 story so far from 343 Industries. While tracking down the appearances of massive Forerunner Guardians in human colonies, Master Chief goes off the reservation with Blue Team. Spartan Locke and Team Osiris are then sent to hunt the Master Chief.

Halo 5 Breakout (Xbox One)

In other Halo 5 news, 343 Industries multiplayer designers Kevin Franklin and Quinn Del Hoyo performed a deep dive explanation of the new Breakout game mode that's meant to be a mix of Speedball (fast-paced paintball) and Halo. This was showcased in the multiplayer beta that was released in December 2015.

The designers explain everything from the running start that is included in Breakout to the different map lanes and strategies that will need to be employed. There is too much information to cover in this article, but it is worth the read for those who enjoy Halo multiplayer.

Breakout will launch as part of the Halo 5 rotation on October 27 for the Xbox One. It will be partnered with the Arena competitive multiplayer and the new Warzone multiplayer that mixes in 12 versus 12 battles with AI-controlled Covenant and Promethean enemies. This also includes the new REQ system, which is explained in this article previously published by Inquisitr.

Other multiplayer modes like Big Team Battle will be released after the launch of Halo 5: Guardians.

[Images courtesy of Microsoft via Halo Waypoint]