‘Scream Queens’ Star Emma Roberts Talks Awkward Love Scenes With Glen Powell

They may be horrible and pouty characters, but Scream Queen’s Chanel (Emma Roberts) and Chad (Glen Powell) are so terrible that it is hard not to find yourself on their side. After all, the two have some of the more hilarious scenes on the show, including some of the most awkward love scenes television has yet to witness.

Emma Roberts 'Scream Queens' [Image Courtesy: Fox] Emma Roberts ‘Scream Queens’ [Image Courtesy: Fox]With that in mind, Roberts and Powell recently sat down with E! Online and talked about what it is like acting through some of the more clumsy sex scenes on the hit horror comedy. In fact, Roberts admits that they both have a hard time making it through a day of filming without laughing up a storm.

“Glen and I can’t,” Roberts stated. “Sometimes we have to be like, ‘OK, you really need to stop because we are not going to finish work today.’ And we’ve had to be in some pretty funny situations.”

With the show infusing a fair share of hysterical moments into the overall horror theme, there are plenty of opportunities for hilarious moments for the characters. In fact, Roberts added that some of the sex scenes are particularly creative, which only leads to more absurd situations.

“They get very creative with some of our sexy-time scenes that we’ve been like, ‘Is this happening? Alright, it’s happening. Alright, cool,'” she revealed in the interview. “I’m talking on the phone in one of them, which we couldn’t keep a straight face. We were like, ‘This is not happening!'”

At the same time, Powell went on to state that part of what makes the show great are the writers, adding that he can’t take any credit for the creative genius of the writers and actors alike.

“We have great writers,” Powell explained. “I wish I could take credit for any of it. They are so damn talented. Getting to work with Lea [Michele] and Emma…”

Glen Powell 'Scream Queens' [Image Courtesy: Fox] Glen Powell ‘Scream Queens’ [Image Courtesy: Fox]Powell also revealed that they often have to film multiple takes in order to just get through a scene of Scream Queens. In fact, he stated that he normally just counts on there being a few takes that will always be thrown out because they can’t stop laughing.

“There’s at least two takes I know are going to be thrown away right off the bat because we can’t get through it,” he stated in the interview. “It’s always so damn funny. They are so damn good. But we know as soon as we show up, two takes are going to be on the floor because I can’t get through it.”

As the show continues through its first season, there are plenty more hilarious sex scenes on the way for Chad. With the show focusing on a group of sorority girls who are faced with a serial killer on the loose, this should come as no surprise.

However, some fans, especially those rooting for the couple to remain together, may be disappointed to learn that some of Chad’s upcoming sex scenes will not have anything to do with Chanel. This may be a rude move on Chad’s part, but at least we all know that its going to be entertaining and funny to watch, especially considering how Chanel will likely react to it all.

At the very least, fans can rest assured that Powell doesn’t resemble his character in any way in real life, removing the need to cast judgement his way for playing a character like Chad.

Meanwhile, if the sex scenes between Chad and Chanel are not enough for fans, Scream Queens also features Jamie Lee Curtis and Nasim Pedrad in a few intimate scenes of their own.

Season one of Scream Queens continues on Tuesday nights on Fox.

[Image courtesy of Fox]