Russian Soldier Risks All To ‘Rescue’ Kidnapped Woman On What Turned Out To Be A Film Set [Video]

A brave Russian soldier recently risked his life in an attempt to rescue a woman he thought was being kidnapped at gunpoint but actually wasn’t. He apparently thought nothing of his own life or safety as he rushed onto the scene, but it all turned out to be a film set, and the woman and her attackers were merely actors.

At some unknown location in Russia, filming was ongoing for a thriller movie, which apparently involved a woman being kidnapped at gunpoint. All was well until a Russian soldier arrived on the scene and bravely rushed to the woman’s rescue.

It was just as the film crew said the Russian version of “lights, camera, action” that the man arrived. He apparently didn’t notice the camera crew surrounding the scene as he spotted the poor woman, who appeared to be in serious danger and was being held by an armed attacker, with two other men standing pointing guns.

Naturally, the camera crew caught everything on film as it happened, sort of like filming a reality show in the midst of making an actual movie.

On spotting the woman apparently being grabbed and threatened by a dangerous man who was holding a gun to her head, the Russian soldier thought nothing of his own safety as he bravely snuck up behind the “kidnapper” and grabbed him securely from behind. He then tussled with the man, finally pinning him down on the ground, thereby “rescuing” the poor woman.

What is possibly swearing in Russian can be heard from the film crew at that point, as the “rescuer” had, of course, completely ruined the take.

Concerned film crew members then rushed over to the scene to find out if the actor was hurt in the “rescue” attempt. They then help the actor back onto his feet, and it is not known if he suffered any injuries in the incident.

According to the Mirror, the video was uploaded to Facebook, where it has reportedly received an amazing 81,000 views in just a few hours, with many comments, including one person asking why they don’t put up security fences to protect the film set and others applauding the Russian soldier for his brave gesture.

While it is always heartwarming to see someone trying their best to help another in a bad situation, it can often be hilarious too.

In other recent odd news on the Inquisitr, police in the UK recently heroically broke into a car to rescue what they thought was a newborn baby, locked in a vehicle and apparently looking a little under the weather. In that incident, the police officers first tried to track down the owner of the car with no success and finally broke the back window to rescue the “baby.”

However, what they actually found was a realistic and lifelike baby doll lying on the back seat of the vehicle. Apologies were in order after the owner of the car found the broken window along with a note from the police, who have since offered to pay for the window repair. Then there was the sad tale of the woman who had to visit a hospital in what appears to be an Eastern European country.

According to the tale, what was dubbed the “Foam Hair Lady” had picked up what she believed to be a container of hair styling mousse, but what was, in reality, of can of polyurethane builders foam. The hilarious photos of the grim-faced woman with her hair encased in the firmly-set foam went viral all over social media, with many asking if the story was true or a hoax. Apparently, no one claimed responsibility for the image.

With all the bad news doing the rounds, these weird and wonderful stories do, at least, cause a chuckle and lessen the tension for a while.

[Image: Screengrab from YouTube video]