Justin Bieber: I Have A ‘Feminine Soul’

Justin Bieber has said he has a “feminine soul.” In his words, he says this means he isn’t afraid to “dive” into his “emotions” and “express” himself instead of putting on a tough front.

Noting Justin Bieber’s now receding history of mostly doing the latter, the superstar’s admission is an interesting and thought-provoking one for our still relatively backward times when it comes to accepted male and female norms, do’s and don’ts. It’s also a brave statement for an invariably mocked young man with a stratospheric profile.

The 21-year-old made the comment during his first television interview in New Zealand on his whirlwind promo tour down under in support of his worldwide smash “What Do You Mean?” and his upcoming new album.

During his chat with host Heather du Plessis-Allan from TV3’s Story, Bieber was an engaging mix of fun, candid, flirty, and fascinating.

Exchanges between Plessis-Allan and the Biebs were far warmer than the stiffer interview the singer had with Australia’s Sunrise breakfast television hosts during his Sydney Harbour concert for fans. This may well be the reason why Bieber opened up and allowed himself to say something risky. Either way, it says a lot that he made such a targetable public statement, given the continuing misgendering hurled at him throughout his career over his looks and physicality.

Plessis-Allan’s mention of Justin’s emotional VMAs performance led to his unexpected response, after he repeated his previous explanation that he had been overwhelmed.

“It just was overwhelming and I didn’t know what else to do,” the singer said of his onstage tears. Making a face as he spoke, he recalled, “So, I just was like… Ugh! I just broke down.”

Asked if he was “kind of an emotional guy,” the Biebs replied, “Yeah, I have a sensitive spirit.”

Elaborating, he went on, “I have the soul of a feminine — of a female. Feminine soul.” He added, “Don’t judge me!”

“I mean, I think it’s good to express yourself and not be afraid to dive into your emotions,” the Canadian replied, when asked if having a female soul was a “good thing.”

To which, Allan noted that “lots of dudes could probably do with listening to this right now.”

“Well, I think that guys are too busy trying to the tough guy all the time,” Justin agreed. “Doesn’t mean I won’t punch you in the face. But I’ll cry about it after!”

Bieber’s gender-centric observations about his inner self come amid a buoyant comeback following two difficult years away from the game, while he got his life back on track.

In numerous interview, including Complex magazine and a recent sit-down with TV3 host Paul Henry, the heartthrob credited his renewed faith in God and inner circle in helping him regroup.

“I didn’t do it by myself. That’s actually wrong,” Justin corrected, when Henry said he accomplished his turnaround by himself. The singer explained, “People who love me really helped me and really invested themselves into me, which is really special.”

Justin went on to say that at one point he had been “about to do something stupid and I felt like God told me not to do it.” He added that he made a decision to let “Him take the wheel” and insists he was “never a bad person.”

Meanwhile, a lot of blogosphere tutting is currently in play over video of the Biebs partying onstage with Hennessey and allegedly smoking pot with Rae Sremmurd at the hip hop duo concert in New Zealand on Thursday. However, on inspection, it’s clear that Bieber was smoking a cigarette.

Justin Bieber

From another angle.

Bieber cigarette 2

Sensationalist headlines aside, it’s worth remembering that Justin is 21 and openly said he likes a drink in his Complex cover story. He has also never said he doesn’t drink. Currently carrying out extensive promo dates, including shows and interviews, with many interviewers noting his politeness, the singer continues to fulfil Calvin Klein contract obligations, has completed his new album, cleaned up excessive habits, and has worked like a dervish all year while looking healthy. Clearly, he is focused and functioning well.

Speaking to Henry, Justin said his resurgent faith in God is a recognition that “I can’t do this on my own.” That’s not an unrelatable way of thinking. Because as most reasonable people know: Everyone is a work in progress.

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