Orlando Bloom Love Triangle: Kendall Jenner Dating Rumors Persist, But Who Else Is Involved?

Ever since he was seen eating lunch with Chloe Bertoli, rumors of an Orlando Bloom love triangle have been circulating, and those rumors don’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

Orlando Bloom has been rumored to be involved with two people connected to the Kardashian clan. First, there’s Kendall Jenner, who, according to reports, has been casually dating Bloom since mid-summer. Then, there’s celebrity stylist Chloe Bartoli — yes, the same Chloe Bartoli who had a role in ending Kourtney Kardashian’s relationship with Scott Disick earlier this summer.

As the rumors go, Bloom met Kendall Jenner in July when she and her famous momager, Kris Jenner, were attending the Amazon Prime Endless Summer screening at the Sunset Tower Hotel. Ever since, reports indicate that the pair have been going on “secret dates.”

Kendall Jenner boyfriend Orlando Bloom
Kendall Jenner dating rumors continue to put her in a relationship with Orlando Bloom

Bloom also is acquainted with Bartoli, as the stylist is said to be close friends with Bloom’s ex-wife, Miranda Kerr. Rumors about a possible relationship between Bloom and Bartoli surfaced at the beginning of September when the Pirates of the Caribbean actor and the stylist were spotted getting sushi together at Bui Sushi in Los Angeles.

Despite rumors that have put the pair together, a source told Hollywood Life that Bloom and Bartoli were only meeting up as friends.

“Orlando and his friend (Chloe) had lunch here, but it didn’t seem like they were on a date or anything. They were here for about an hour. I never saw them holding hands or anything. They looked like they were just friends. At least, that’s how they seemed in public.”

Regardless of whether the Orlando Bloom love triangle rumors surrounding Bartoli are true, one thing is obvious: Chloe has had a busy summer. In July, she was spotted cozying up to Scott Disick in the south of France. At the time, Scott had been dating Kourtney Kardashian — for nearly 10 years! Kourtney and Scott have three children together, and the photos of her boyfriend and Bartoli came as quite a blow to Kendall Jenner’s older sister.

Considering the connection between Jenner and Bartoli, it would seem odd if Bloom was dating both women, but that might not stop the 38-year-old actor. In fact, according to OK! Magazine, Bloom isn’t actually interested in Bartoli — he just wants to get back at his ex-wife!

“There’s only one reason Orlando is hooking up with [Chloe], and that’s to hurt Miranda.”

For the record, Miranda Kerr has moved on from her marriage and is now dating Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel, according to OK! Magazine.

Despite the information from OK! Magazine, most media outlets seem to agree that Bloom and Bartoli are likely just friends. At the same time, rumors that Kendall Jenner and Bloom are secretly dating have been gaining a lot of steam as of late. Check out the video below for more information.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Orlando has taken Kendall to the same sushi restaurant where he hung out with Bartoli. Orlando Bloom and Kendall Jenner also have gone hiking together and attended a house party together, according to the website.

So who, exactly, is Orlando Bloom dating? Where Kendall Jenner is concerned, we may not know anytime soon, as the supermodel has said she likes to keep her dating life private.

What do you think? Do you think Orlando Bloom and Kendall Jenner are secretly dating? Do you think the Orlando Bloom love triangle could be a real thing, or are the rumors simply out of control?

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