Chloe Lukasiak Update: Former ‘Dance Moms’ Teen Reveals Post-Surgery Look, Talks Bullying

Former Dance Moms teen Chloe Lukasiak is ready to share some updates and photos now that her eye surgery is behind her, and fans are thrilled to have the opportunity to catch up with her. The teen is talking a bit about how things have gone post-surgery, and she’s also taking the opportunity to talk about the bullying she encountered leading up to the surgery.

As those who follow Chloe Lukasiak now know, she recently had surgery on one of her eyes to try to manage problems brought on by silent sinus syndrome. Though some had been referring to Chloe’s eye issue as a lazy eye, it actually was something significantly more serious. After a year of treatment, Chloe, her family and her medical team decided that it was time for surgery.

Lukasiak had the surgery in mid-September, and she held back from sharing much in the way of photos until now. Chloe did quickly return to dancing and some public appearances after she got out of the hospital, but she also gave herself a bit of time to recover before sharing much in the way of full-fledged updates. However, now the teen is ready to open up a bit more about what she’s gone through.

The former Dance Moms star shared a photo via Instagram, noting that her eye is getting better every day. She indicated that there is still some swelling, but fans can definitely see a noticeable difference between her eye now and before the surgery. Chloe’s post with the post-surgery photo generated more than 175,000 “likes” and 6,000 comments in less than a day, so it’s clear that fans are anxious to lend their support to the teen.

Chloe also spoke with Nylon about her recent experiences. Lukasiak has gotten used to being bullied both on the show and by some factions of fans of the show. However, she’s decided to use her experiences to speak up and work to help others facing similar situations. Chloe talks about how people were saying negative things about how she looked, but few knew the reality of what was happening medically behind-the-scenes.

Lukasiak has worked on blocking out the negativity, and she has focused on adapting as much as she can. However, she’s also used her experiences to initiate an anti-bullying conversation. She encourages others to focus on being happy and doing what they need to do, not letting negativity bring them down.

Chloe shared a video just ahead of the surgery, explaining to Dance Moms fans what had been going on that led to the decision to have the operation. Lukasiak did reference one adult in particular who had bullied her about her eye. Most of Chloe’s fans know that this is a reference to the explosive confrontation that happened with Chloe, her mom Christi, and Dance Moms head Abby Lee Miller as the Lukasiaks left the show for good.

The incident was heavily edited as it aired on Lifetime, but Christi and others have confirmed that Abby made a snide remark about Chloe’s eye, and that’s what caused Christi to explode. Chloe made something of a reference to how poorly things ended with Abby during her Teen Choice Awards acceptance speech, and again as she’s discussed her surgery. However, she’s never called Abby out by name.

Some Dance Moms fans, teens, and adults alike continue to bully Lukasiak online, even in the comment section of the Nylon article talking about her efforts to combat bullying. However, Chloe has many rallying around her, and she clearly is in a pretty great place these days with multiple projects in the works.

Chloe Lukasiak’s fans stand by her through thick and thin and are thrilled to see that she’s doing so well both personally and professionally. The 14-year-old may not be on Dance Moms any longer, but she’s clearly making waves in the entertainment business, and her supporters can’t wait to see what she tackles next.

[Photos via Chloe Lukasiak’s Instagram]