October 1, 2015
Caltech Named World's Top University For Fifth Year In A Row

Caltech has been named the world's top university for the fifth year in a row.

The Times Higher Education magazine of Great Britain rated Caltech the best research university in the world in a report released on Wednesday, September 30. According to the Los Angeles Times, the rankings are based on a variety of factors, including income from research, the amount of scholarly publications, and how international the student bodies and faculties are.

Caltech President Thomas F. Rosenbaum said in a statement on Wednesday that the rankings represent the school's strengths in "venturing into unexplored realms, defining new fields in science and engineering, and pushing interdisciplinary boundaries in the service of discovery. It also points to the competitive nature of higher education, where maintaining a culture of intellectual risk taking is essential to attract the most creative and original scholars, scholars who have choices among many exceptional academic institutions across the world."

Three other California universities made it into the top 20. Stanford, ranked third, UC Berkeley ranked 13th, and UCLA ranked 16th. Overall, institutions from 70 different countries, which is 29 more than last year, are featured in the rankings for 2015-2016. Countries including Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Kenya are being represented for the first time in the list. The complete list contains 800 world-class universities.

Below is the list of the top 50 universities in the world (= means the universities tied):

1. California Institute of Technology, US2. University of Oxford, UK3. Stanford University, US4. University of Cambridge, UK5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US6. Harvard University, US7. Princeton University, US8. Imperial College London, UK9. ETH Zürich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Switzerland10. University of Chicago, US11. Johns Hopkins University, US12. Yale University, US13. University of California, Berkeley, US14. University College London, UK15. Columbia University, US16. University of California, Los Angeles, US17. University of Pennsylvania, US18. Cornell University, US19. University of Toronto, Canada20. Duke University, US

Caltech Named World's Top University For Fifth Year In A Row
LONDON - DEC 14 : Imperial College London pictured at night on December 14th, 2014 in London, UK. It is ranked 8th in the world according to The Times Higher Education magazine. [Photo by Cedric Weber / Shutterstock.com]

21. University of Michigan, US22. Carnegie Mellon University, US23. London School of Economics and Political Science, UK24. University of Edinburgh, UK25. Northwestern University, US26. National University of Singapore, Singapore27. King's College London, UK28. Karolinska Institute, Sweden29. LMU Munich, Germany30. New York University US31. École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland32. University of Washington, US33. University of Melbourne, Australia34. University of British Columbia, Canada35. KU Leuven, Belgium36. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US37. Heidelberg University, Germany38. McGill University, Canada=39. University of California, San Diego, US=39. University of California, Santa Barbara, US41. Georgia Institute of Technology, US

Caltech Named World's Top University For Fifth Year In A Row
ATLANTA - MAY 24: "Tech Tower" at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta on May 24, 2014. The historic Atlanta landmark was completed in 1888. [Photo by Rob Hainer / Shutterstock.com]

42. Peking University, China43. University of Tokyo, Japan=44. University of California, Davis, US=44. University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong46. University of Texas at Austin, US=47. Tsinghua University, China=47. Wageningen University and Research Center, Netherlands49. Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany50. University of Wisconsin-Madison, US

The United States still dominates the rankings with 63 institutions among the top 200. However, that number dropped from 74 last year.

"The U.S. will have to raise its game to ensure its dominance does not erode," said Phil Baty, editor of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, adding that countries like China, Germany, and the Netherlands are rising on the list due to their heavy investments in universities there.

"Many of the country's European rivals, such as Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands, are also performing well, but are less hindered by funding cuts and more welcoming for international students," he said, adding that the UK will also need to work extra hard to ensure their spots on the list.

"The UK will have to work hard to ensure its higher education spending and immigration policies do not hinder its place in the World University Rankings," Baty added.

[Photo by Ken Wolter / Shutterstock.com]