WWE News: WWE Hall Of Famer Rips 'Divas Revolution,' Teases WWE Return

When WWE called up NXT stand-outs Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, and the new WWE Divas Champion Charlotte up to the main roster, they hoped that the fortunes of their stale and dead Divas division would be turned around. But, it hasn't quite worked out that way. In fact, the WWE Divas division is only slightly more relevant than it has been over the last five to ten years.

Things like WWE refusing to drop the "Divas" slogan, pairing all the girls up in teams, coming up with bad team names, and giving them -- with the exception of Paige's promo on RAW following Night of Champions-- some of the worst dialogue you'll ever hear are among the reasons why the so-called Divas Revolution hasn't worked thus far.

Another reason why the Divas Revolution has flopped is because Vince McMahon rarely watches NXT, so he doesn't have a clue why the women were, and continue to be, so popular in NXT.

Since its inception, the WWE Divas Revolution has been criticized by fans, pundits, and ex-wrestlers. Well, now you can add a WWE Hall of Famer to that list, as Madusa, AKA Alundra Blayze recently blasted all of the women involved, aside from Becky Lynch and Charlotte.

Hall of Famer on Divas Revolution

Madusa Miceli, who was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame earlier this year as Alundra Blayze, which is a character that she portrayed for WWE from 1993 to 1995, went on Instagram and blasted WWE's attempt to make women's wrestling relevant, and teased that she would be returning to the company to team up with Natalya, who inducted her into the WWE Hall of Fame, to straighten the WWE Divas out.

"Not to mention the pipebomb. You're not AJ, Paige. Calling the NXT championship the women's championship….. Meh! Well let's just call it like I see it, Most of you are overrated! Half of you cannot wrestle, some just sound illiterate as soon as you open your pie hole, all so disrespectful. If I were you all, I would be watching your back! You never know who Natalya might show up with just to b**** slap a few across the face for a receipt! Oh and where in the hell is Team Bad? Too busy with glow sticks and things that glow in the dark as far as I am concerned. Charlotte and Becky Lynch have it going on at the moment!"
Some believe that Madusa's post was her own angle, and she's trying to get back into WWE for one more run. That assumption is probably correct. However, it appears that Natalya, who was inexplicably left out of the Divas Revolution when it started, is now involved in the storyline as Paige's replacement in the former Team PCB.

WWE Diva Natalya

Several weeks ago, Natalya appeared on the Sam Roberts Show, and she discussed not being part of the Divas Revolution, and said that she really doesn't know why she's not been involved in the WWE Divas Revolution, but said that she had faith that WWE would eventually call upon her to get involved.

Furthermore, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley also said that he doesn't understand why Natalya isn't involved, saying that she's the only women's wrestler in WWE that totally embodies wrestling.

WWE fans have also been baffled by Nattie's absence as well, however, WWE has, at least for now, decided to include her, and it now looks like Paige, who, before the NXT girls came to the main roster, was trying to recruit other women to help her take out Team Bella, is now going to be alone once again.

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