‘Scream Queens’ — What We Can Expect From The Rest of Season 1

If the first episode is anything to go by, then the rest of the first season of Scream Queens is going to be crazy. Along with a fair share of twists and surprises inherent in any Ryan Murphy-inspired show, what else can fans expect to unfold this season? Luckily, Murphy and Brad Fulchuk recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly and dished on what’s to come.

Warning: Possible spoilers ahead!

To start with, the mystery involving the Red Devil is only going to get more complex as the season develops. “It’s a big elaborate gothic story that plays out involving the baby in the bathtub and who rescued the baby in the bathtub,” Murphy explained. “It’s a 20-year conspiracy of revenge that has been plotted and planned and it’s all coming to a head this year at Kappa.”

With the setting of the show centering on a sorority group in college, fans can also expect a huge Thanksgiving special where the show explores some of the character’s backstories, including the Radwell family. “Radwell Thanksgiving is pretty much the biggest Thanksgiving in the country,” Falchuk revealed.

Glen Powell 'Scream Queens'

Along with Chad Radwell (Glen Powell), the Thanksgiving episode will include a few appearances by his brothers, Brad and Thad, played by Patrick Schwarzenegger and Chad Michael Murray.

In regard to Chad, the character will be featured throughout the season. In fact, Chad will have a run-in with Dean Munch (Jamie Lee Curtis) and a rather strange interaction with Hester (Lea Michele) involving dead things. “We find out she [Hester] had her first orgasm in a funeral home,” Murphy revealed. “So she finds Chad Radwell also has this syndrome. So they are brought together and united over their fascination with dead things.”

In addition to Chad’s interactions, fans will also be introduced to Chanel’s (Emma Roberts) mother. “You do find out that her mother is a horrible alcoholic who forgets to invite her home to family holidays and actually doesn’t remember her name,” Murphy stated.

Meanwhile, the biggest mystery in the show involves the secret identity of the murderer, the Red Devil. While the creators didn’t reveal who is behind the mask, they did state that the audience will find out the identity of the serial killer in the final episode. That being said, it is very likely that we’ve already been introduced to the killer. Which character could the Red Devil turn out to be?

Emma Roberts and the Red Devil 'Scream Queens' [Image Courtesy: FOX] Emma Roberts and the Red Devil ‘Scream Queens’ [Image Courtesy: FOX]Murphy has a reputation for surprises, so the most likely candidates — Dean Munsch and Pete — can be the first to be ruled out. According to Buddy TV, apart from Grace the one character that is not likely to even be considered as the killer is Chanel #5. Given Murphy’s penchant for twists, this is one reason why she might turn out to be the Red Devil. What other reasons are there for Chanel #5 being the killer?

So far, the killer has only murdered people who wanted to leave the sorority house. Chanel #5 is seriously devoted to Kappa Kappa Tau, and her loyalty may be strong enough for her to murder members instead of letting them walk away.

Additionally, Chanel #5 is close to the age of the child that Sophia had back in 1995. If the Red Devil and that baby are the same person, then Chanel #5 is the perfect age to be considered a match. She even looks a little bit like Sophia.

While these reasons might point towards Chanel #5 being the killer, it is only speculation at this point. Knowing Murphy and his past work, the killer will probably be someone that isn’t on anyone’s radar.

Fans can watch the mystery unfold when Scream Queens airs Tuesday nights on FOX.

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