WWE News: Reason For Kane's New Storyline With Seth Rollins Revealed

Kane is arguably the most entertaining part of WWE television. The New Day is on par with Kane, but there's something about the Demon that is intriguing. As a former World Heavyweight champion, Kane was thought to be washed-up and wanted off WWE television. Since his return at Night of Champions, the Devil's Favorite Demon has only gotten more popular.

Last week on WWE RAW, Kane was in a backstage segment with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. When McMahon asked for Kane's mask back, she stuck her hand out. Without missing a beat, Kane slapped McMahon's hand, similar to that of a high-five. Either way, Kane was an entertainer and continued that last night.

Kane WWE Return

His storyline is close, or to many WWE fans, equal, to the Joseph Park story in Impact Wrestling. When Kane wasn't around Seth Rollins, he was pretending to be an enthusiastic employee. He smiled at everything and loved his job. However, as soon as Rollins began to get under Kane's skin, he turned back into the Demon Kane.

According to WrestleZone.com and F4WOnline.com, Kane's storyline derives from a real backstage situation involving a former WWE employee.

"According to F4WOnline.com, last night's WWE Raw storyline featuring Kane being evaluated by HR was actually inspired by real-life events in the company and the Bill DeMott controversy from earlier in the year.

As noted, the woman who played 'HR Ashley' was in fact Ashley Osterrieder and she is the actual director of human resources at WWE headquarters."

The WWE Universe enjoyed what they saw last night, as it was fresh content. Normally, the WWE attempts to recycle story missions. That wasn't the first Human Resources review, because many WWE superstars in the past played the character like a crazed individual. Rollins, Kane, and the HR representative played the part perfectly. It allowed the WWE fans to have fun while watching Kane shake off a "broken ankle."

Big things are on the way for WWE fans. On October 19, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and other WWE legends will appear on WWE RAW to promote the "Go To Hell Tour." Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker should arrive, as well. It will be the last show before Hell in a Cell takes place at the end of October.

Kane and Undertaker WWE

WWE fans should also remain excited, as one of the most-dominant tag-teams in WWE history will return. Undertaker and Kane are bound to set up the Brothers of Destruction for one final appearance against the Wyatt Family during their Mexican tour. Hopefully, WWE officials will allow them to show up on WWE TV one time.

When the Undertaker is brought up, Sting is automatically linked to the WWE legend. Jim Ross spoke on the fantasy match in late-August.

"I think that we can forget about Sting vs. Taker. All storylines in the biz can be simpler and more logical and it would make me happier. Plus, paying more attention to continuity would be smart on their part as well."
Undertaker and Sting shouldn't be the focus for WrestleMania 32. Whether Taker can go two more years or not, that shouldn't be the Deadman's final match in the WWE. Kane and Taker will remain linked until the time they both retire. Kane vs. Taker is always a viable option for both of their retirement matches. It's going to come sooner, rather than later.

WWE officials are getting fortunate with the Undertaker situation. Before the new developments of his health deteriorating, Taker had WWE's WrestleMania 32 left. All of a sudden, Taker appeared at SummerSlam with a great bill of health. He may be able to wrestle once or twice a year for he next few years. Given Kane's gimmick right now, a feud with his brother wouldn't be the worst idea.

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