UFC Fighter Felice Herrig Shows Off In Her Birthday Suit For 'Muscle & Fitness'

In UFC women's strawweight division today, one of its most popular fighters is Felice Herrig. The MMA fighter, who is also ranked number 2 in kickboxing, is quite prominent when it comes to social media. Utilizing both Twitter and Instagram, "Lil' Bulldog" takes plenty of pictures and videos of her training and workouts. She is also known for taking plenty of selfies, especially those of a seductive nature in which she poses topless while covering her breasts or showing off her toned midriff. Ergo, Herrig is probably the poster child for MMA fighters utilizing social media to promote their brand. As a matter of fact, Felice Herrig's promotion is so good that NetherRealm Studios allegedly copied her likeness and social habits for one of their characters in Mortal Kombat X, Cassie Cage.

Felice Herrig's selfie addiction has transitioned to modeling. And now, her latest photo shoot has been released by Muscle & Fitness. "Lil' Bulldog" is sure to stun many MMA fans as she shows off in her birthday suit.

It should be noted the photo shoot is the latest of numerous endeavors Felice Herrig has undertaken since leaving UFC to recuperate, as reported by Muscle & Fitness. Prior to her photo shoot in her birthday suit for the website/magazine, Herrig has been entertaining several movie ideas. In between scripts, Herrig has been working out and training to stay in shape for numerous magazine spreads and cover shoots.

Though the aforementioned endeavors keep Felice Herrig busy as well as contribute to her popularity, there are two that truly stand out from the rest. The first was Felice Herrig's appearance on American Ninja Warrior. As shown from her "training video" above, it seems as if Herrig was having fun with it. It is unknown how seriously she trained for the ruthless obstacle courses in hopes of reaching the top of Mount Midoriyama. But judging her by her performance, Herrig didn't train well. At least she lasted longer than the first female MMA fighter to compete, the "Karate Hottie," Michelle Waterson.

Felice Herrig Fitness Competition
Felice Herrig used her connections to participate in a fitness competition.

The second is Felice Herrig's foray into the fitness industry, specifically fitness competitions. According to 5th Round, Herrig was a contestant in the NPC Bodybuilding and Bikini Competition back in May of 2014. She utilized Allmax, a company who has sponsored Herrig for over five years, to break into the industry. Though Herrig never said where she placed, she was more than happy to show off numerous pictures (mostly selfies) at the competition.

To be frank, it is good Felice Herrig is taking time off because her performance in UFC has been on a decline, resulting in a record that doesn't exactly favor Herrig. She is 10-6-0 in MMA, with only one win and one loss in UFC. Her last fight against Paige VanZant showed her age in the cage (13 years) when she experienced an adrenaline dump which gave VanZant room to do whatever she needed to do to secure a victory.

In the end, many male MMA fans are willing to thank the doctor who gave orders to Felice Herrig to take a break. If she had not, would have Herrig posed provocatively in numerous magazines and covers? Would Herrig have attempted to become a "ninja warrior?" Would she have posed and flexed in a fitness competition? Needless to say, but Herrig is getting better in her "outside of MMA" endeavors, which results in edgier work such as the spread featured in this article.

Though all the seductive parts of Felice Herrig are covered up, most of the pictures cannot be shown here simply because of its NSFW content. However, they can be seen at Muscle & Fitness. For those who don't think said pictures don't show enough, it is possible Herrig may show more of herself in the future. She went from topless to full nude when she transitioned from social media selfies to professional photo shoots.

[Featured Image via Muscle & Fitness, Post Image via Felice Herrig's Social Media]