Fatkini Photos Promote Self-Confidence, Not Obesity, Says Blogger Gabi Gregg

Gabi Gregg wears a size 18, and when the Summer months come, she doesn’t shy away from putting on a bikini. Gregg, who writes the fashion blog GabiFresh, posted a series of Fatkini photos on XOJane earlier this week and the response has been a bit mixed. Some are criticizing Gregg for promoting obesity while others are commending her on her bravery.

Gregg says that the Fatkini photos are all about loving your body, whether it’s big or small.

Gregg said on Today that it’s important to be healthy and to strive for fit bodies, but it’s also important to love the body that you currently have. Gregg said:

“I think people should be really aware of what they’re putting in their bodies and try to get more active. The truth is, we have to live in our bodies and be happy with the bodies we have right now, regardless of where we are in our journey to health…. I love my body. I think we should reject these fashion rules about what we are and what we are not allowed to wear … We have to be happy with the bodies that we have right now…. You can be any size and be happy with your weight, and that doesn’t mean you’re not practicing healthy habits.”

Gregg said she posted a fatkini photo last Summer but wanted to do something on a larger scale this year. She encouraged her readers to send in photos of themselves in their bikinis, saying:

“Don’t let body shame keep you from having a good time!”

Here’s the clip from Today.

What do you think of Gabi Gregg and her fatkini photos? Is Gregg promoting self confidence of obesity?