Kaley Cuoco: Post Ryan Sweeting Split, 'Big Bang Theory' Actress Hangs Out With Friends, Shows Off New Pet

Kaley Cuoco seems to be on the mend after announcing her split from husband of 21 months, tennis player Ryan Sweeting.

As People reports, since announcing the split last week, Kaley has been spotted hanging out with friends, having a few drinks, and spending time with her pets.

On Friday, an Instagram post (on an account named for Kaley's dog, Norman) suggested that Kaley may be having some trouble since the split, showing an exasperated dog lying next to a half-finished drink, with the caption "#mood."

Just a few hours later, according to MSN, Kaley hit the town with some friends, including her sister, Briana, stopping by The Village in Studio City, California, for drinks and dinner. An unidentified source who was at the restaurant said that Kaley and her friends spent the evening "animatedly" talking about her soon-to-be ex, Ryan Sweeting.

When not dishing about her failed marriage with friends, Kaley Cuoco appears to be taking solace in her animals. The noted animal lover and animal rights advocate adopted a new horse, Zaza, and proudly posed next to him (her?) for an Instagram photo.

And if you look really closely at Kaley's left hand in that photo, you will notice something noticeably absent: her wedding band.

So what went wrong in Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting's marriage? As of this post, there's not much to go on -- reps for the couple would only say that they "mutually decided" to divorce after only 21 months of marriage, and that they are "[asking] for privacy at this time."

As recently as April, Kaley was fighting off rumors of divorce, posting on Instagram that all this divorce talk was taking a toll on her husband. In a post that has since been deleted (the captions are made available thanks to a People report from the time), Kaley insisted that she was "proud" of her man despite all that he's been through since their marriage.

"I have never been more proud of anyone on this planet – this guy is fighting back from a whirlwind of injuries and not to mention constant 'conversation' regarding our marriage and basically any daily decision we decide to make."
Still, an anonymous source told People that there was "noticeable tension" between Kaley and Ryan leading up to their divorce announcement.
"The few times Kaley and Ryan were out together recently, the tension was noticeable. You could tell the honeymoon phase had ended. It seemed they were trying to work out their marriage by going on dates, but they both seemed miserable."
One possible source of tension in the marriage may have been Kaley's professional relationship with her Big Bang Theory co-star, Johnny Galecki. Johnny and Kaley dated for a couple of years in the late 2000s before amicably splitting. According to this Inquisitr report, Ryan may have felt some jealousy about the two continuing to work together, and rumors are swirling that the two may be on their way to becoming an item again. (Ironically, Kaley's real-life marriage ended about the same time that her on-screen marriage to Johnny Galecki's character hit the rocks -- only a few hours after the wedding!)

Another possible source of conflict in their marriage, according to a June In Touch Magazine report (via Celebrity Dirty Laundry) was the fact that Kaley was not only the principal breadwinner in their marriage, but that Ryan's tennis schedule had him on the road for weeks at a time, leaving Kaley plenty of time to speculate on what sort of shenanigans Ryan may have been up to.

Regardless of what caused her brief marriage to end, Kaley Cuoco seems to be on the mend.

[Image courtesy of: Getty Images / Alberto E. Rodriguez]