Miko Grimes Arrest Video: Wife Of NFL Dolphins Player Brent Grimes Charged With Battery On A Cop [Video]

There are various videos of Miko Grimes going viral at the moment because Grimes was arrested in an unceremonious manner that’s making waves on YouTube and elsewhere online.

Miko is the wife of Brent Grimes, an NFL player for the Miami Dolphins. Brent is a cornerback who defends his “ride or die” wife and Miko’s outspoken manner, which has been the focus of previous reports about Miko in the past. Grimes is one woman who knows how to make her presence known, with previous news reports showing Miko clapping back at fans who call her husband names from the stands. This time, however, it was Miko’s actions of supposedly trying to walk through an undesignated area that got her arrested.

Warning: The below video of Miko’s arrest contains language that might be offensive to some viewers.

In Grimes’ arrest video, Miko can be heard screaming really loudly as she is face down on the ground. Miko repeatedly asks the authorities if they are “f******” serious right now” and screams as folks in the crowd wonder aloud what Miko has done to deserve such treatment. One guy asks another what Miko did, and the male voice can be heard to answer that Miko tried to walk through a forbidden area. That’s when the man responded that cops should’ve just told Miko not to walk through that area, instead of arresting her and forcing her to the ground.

Previous YouTube videos show that Miko has been kicked out of the stadium before, as seen in the below CBS Miami news report. Mrs. Grimes isn’t messing around, and she’s a former professional athlete who is well known at Dolphins’ games and is very competitive with her husband.

“I used to kill him in ping pong. We compete in everything. I’m undefeated in horse. He can shoot as well, but not better than me.”

Miko and her son attend every Dolphins game, and Brent throws the boy the football every time he can. On Twitter, Miko describes herself by her attributes of being athletic, a journalist, and great cook, and a good-looking tomboy who equals everything.

“Athlete + Sports Reporter + Dope Chef + Pretty Tomboy = Everything”

However, it’s the video of Miko’s arrest with graphic language, as reported by the Sun Sentinel‎, that has everyone talking about the outspoken Miko on Monday, September 28. In the video, the local radio sports talk show host and now famous wife can be seen as she’s turned over, but the above version doesn’t show Miko head-butting a cop, as is alleged she did when they stood her up. Another African-American woman can be seen in the video speaking with the authorities, seemingly trying to find out more information about why Miko is being arrested.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 8.33.19 AM

Miko was arrested prior to the Dolphins game, reports Deadspin‎, because witnesses claim Miko tried to walk through a police barricade of some sort.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 8.33.12 AM

The Miami Herald reports that Miko was charged with disorderly conduct along with other serious charges stemming from the incident. Those other charges against Miko include battery on a cop, and resisting arrest with violence. Miko had previously received several loud warnings from the cops to stop, but continued to walk through the restricted area, and that’s when Grimes was arrested.

The YouTube video above is only 54 seconds long, and doesn’t show the start of the melee whereby Miko allegedly head-butted the officer, an action that brought on the more serious charges, according to the New York Daily News‎. Either way, the video of Miko’s arrest is going completely viral, even if Miko’s Twitter account has yet to address the arrest.

[Image via YouTube]