Twitter silliness hits the conference circuit

Did you know that in the next little while that there is going to be six major (?) conferences being held all on the single subject of Twitter?

Wow, pretty impressive eh. Just for those who might not know about them let me breakdown the list for you:

I have one simple question to ask – Why?

I mean seriously folks at what point does all this nonsense surrounding Twitter just get to be a little too much. This is a brain dead simple web app (even if Oprah screwed it up) that is becoming potentially less useful as time goes by. If it's not being swamped by spammers it's being taken over by marketers. Not to mention the fact that its one big drawing card, real-time search, sucks lemons.

How much can be said about Twitter that we really need to have all these conferences?

After all it's not like the speakers at all these conferences are going to be limiting themselves to 140 characters in their speeches. The unfortunate part of this is that this is probably only the start of conferences dollars to be wrung out of Twitter.