Are The 'GTA V' Mansion And Casino Packs Coming Out Next Month?

Throughout the past month, GTA V tipsters and dataminers have been uncovering clues to new content. Various GTA prophets have predicted everything from new characters and vehicles to a story DLC and, unfortunately, none of these predictions have panned out as yet. The last big update came and went and while there was a lot of cool stuff, pretty much none of it bore out the speculation. It's important to note, however, that Rockstar does in fact listen to its community, posting and responding to comments on the various GTA threads and forums, and this makes sense. Initial reviews of the game commented on the fact that the GTA V experience was very much built on responses to the previous installments of the game. And it seems that Rockstar have continued this habit of listening to the fans into the wildly successful GTA online universe.

GTA V DLC Rumors
Everything from new cars and characters to new story have been rumored

It seems that Rockstar have heard the constant buzz about some of these long predicted updates. The iDigital Times reports that prominent GTA tipster, DomisLive, has found a piece of game code hidden among the last batch of freemode updates.

"0xCED5A615 = Start your day like a pro: play 8 hours of Casino blackjack with your remortgager and divorce attorney. Then wash it all down with a time trial through North LS to a Vinehood Hills mansion you'll never own."
DomisLive, however, seems to have been bitten too many times to turn this into a solid prediction. During the video, he laughingly wonders if the inclusion could be Rockstar trolling the community in response to the slew of rumors surrounding the Casino and Mansion DLCs. Files discovered in the lead up to the 'Ill Gotten Gains' DLC started up the rumors about mansions in GTA V. Based on some admittedly rather flimsy evidence, it was speculated that a new slew of mansions would be introduced as a feature for the wealthier citizens of GTA's online community. These rumors were based on some fairly ambiguous file names and the title of June's DLC. Unfortunately, there really wasn't more to them than that and, on the mansion front, this is the first real development since June.

GTA V DLC rumors
It's long been rumored that mansions are coming for GTA's wealthier players

The casino rumors seem to be based on a firmer foundation of reality, if only because Los Santos has a shuttered and boarded casino that has been sitting idle for years. The building is a GTA landmark, elaborately constructed and prominent within the game's landscape. Aside from this, billboards in the single player version appear to advertise its imminent opening or re-opening, and the casino is advertised in-game from time to time. It's difficult to believe that Rockstar built this edifice without having any intention of ever using it. But then, gamers should be accustomed to broken starts like this is open world games. Bethesda fans, for example, should be familiar with the pattern of broken or unfinished quest events littering a still-developing sandpit. This being one of the most ambitious open worlds run by Rockstar yet, it's not inconceivable that the casino is nothing but an example of overreach - perhaps a foundation for an abandoned or indefinitely delayed single player DLC.

But we don't want to depress you. Since June, the entire GTA community has been talking very loudly and at great length about the casino and the possibility of a DLC related to it, with tipsters like MrBossFTW and FunMW2 leading the pack. Here's one of the original rumor videos to refresh your memory.

Now, it seems that Rockstar has heard them. The new game code, whatever else it might or might not be, is a direct acknowledgement of the demand for these two packs. At this stage, however, that's all we know. Of course Rockstar will want to do something with one of Los Santos' most prominent buildings, but at this stage it's still impossible to say when that will happen.

[Images courtesy of Rockstar]