‘GTA V’ New Character Rumors From Dataminer

The gaming world is hag-ridden by rumors, and GTA V is no exception. Prolific dataminer TezFunz recently hinted that information on the Rockstar servers might indicate that a new set of characters will be coming to GTA. While snooping around in the data for GTA’s recent update 1.29, TezFunz found a new set of FMMC files and took to Twitter to tell fans all about it.

The file format in question, FMCC_PD, is one that has generally been associated with GTA characters. The one hinted at in the tweet is a good example. As TezFunz says, the file FMMC_PD_AVI is one associated with GTA character Avi Schwartzman. And TezFunz says he hasn’t found just one of these but what apparently looks like a whole set. He and a couple of gaming blogs see this as a sign that an entirely new set of characters might be coming to GTA V.

So far, so exciting, right? It all makes sense, and we know that Rockstar is planning to push out a whole tranche of new updates for GTA V in the coming months, with their whole team dedicated to the supporting the massive online community. But there’s a problem. So far, for whatever reason, TezFunz hasn’t been right about very many things. Sure, the evidence has been compelling, and the conclusions drawn from it fairly logical, but not very much that TezFunz has said about upcoming GTA V content has actually come about.

While we’d be very excited to announce that new characters are coming to GTA V, we are forced to be somewhat skeptical about these new “revelations,” especially in light of previous claims from the horde of GTA dataminers out there. On the subject of new characters, Rockstar has been characteristically tight-lipped. Having said that, we know for certain that work is going forward on GTA VI, and a huge swirl of rumors around the characters for that project are surviving largely on Dan Houser’s refusal to deny them. Houser has been reported in a raft of online publications, from the Day Herald to the Guardian, steadfastly refusing to shut down speculation on the possibility of a female playable character in GTA VI. Problem is, what we know about GTA VI is pretty well limited to the fact that it’s not going to happen for a very long time.

While we have to say that this latest round of rumors isn’t outside the realms of possibility, we’re not really left with much more than hope. We can report with complete confidence that more and significant updates are coming, but so far we can’t really say much about what they might contain.

[Image via Rockstar]