WWE News: WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins Talks The Shield Reuniting

Joe Burgett - Author

Dec. 20 2017, Updated 8:49 p.m. ET

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins has been at the top of WWE for the last year now. He has been Mr. Money in the Bank, United States Champion, and WWE World Heavyweight Champion all within his first year and a half of turning his Shield brethren and aligning with The Authority. However, despite his horrible betrayal, fans want to see The Shield reunite.

This means that any time someone gets a former Shield member in an interview, they end up asking them about it, and every time they give very interesting answers. This was no different when Rollins was interviewed by Chad Dukes of CBS Radio Washington, D.C. 106.7 The Fan, and ChadDukesWrestling.com. When asked about The Shield reuniting, Seth Rollins said as follows.

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“We get to fire up the band in other incarnations. We always laugh about it now when we do these tag matches and six mans and I’m on the other side of the ring and they’re like partnered up with Randy Orton or something like that. It’s just funny because you can put the components in all the different places but it’s still comes out gold every time. The two of those guys, myself, I feel like paved the way for a different kind of work ethic than what we had been seeing in WWE over the past five years, maybe before that. That’s something I know the three of us are real proud of and every time we go out there we’re going out there to have the best match and steal the show whether working against each other, with each other it doesn’t matter, and that’s just kind of the attitude we came in with and we stuck to our guns this entire time and it’s cool to be able to share that with two other guys. The time we had with The Shield, who knows if it will ever come back around but if it doesn’t no one will ever be able to take that run away from us either.”

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Many people believe that WWE will eventually reunite The Shield one day. WWE will obviously want to do it eventually, as the group was able to sell very well when they were at the top of their game.

The problem is that there is no way WWE will ever reform the group randomly. It will only be done when there is a heavy need for them to get back together. Many feel that it very well could happen at the end of this year or the summer of next year. The idea is that Rollins will go face relatively soon due to The Authority turning on him. Since The Authority would get out of hand with it’s new look minus Rollins, The Shield would need to return in order to take them out.

This would have to build, so it not something we can expect to see overnight or any point soon.

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