‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season 2 Episode 2 Photos, Romance Spoilers And More Teased

How To Get Away With Murder Season 2 finally arrived this week, and the premiere was filled with oh-my-god jaw-dropping moments from the very beginning of the episode until the last moment. Annalise and her group are back in a big way, and the final moments teased the drama ahead with a flash forward that no one saw coming.

Who will try to kill Annalise? Is it her client or is it one of her students?

Fans will need to keep watching to find out. For now, fans will be taken back to the “present time” for the series, and Annalise will have her hands full.

How To Get Away With Murder Season 2 Episode 2 is titled, “She’s Dying.” Spoiler TV shares photos from the episode on Sunday, and fans will see Annalise on the witness stand.

Spoilers for the episode from ABC tease that Annalise will endure a touchy cross examination on the witness stand during Nate’s preliminary hearing. The photos only hint at the tense moments on the stand for the tough-as-nails lawyer.

During the season premiere, fans learned that Annalise had Nate call in an old friend from law school. This brought actress and model Famke Janssen to the cast of the series. The two women shared a few tense and awkward moments before it was revealed that they had more than a friendly history between them. The kiss Annalise and her friend shared was not even hinted at before it happened.

Will Annalise and her old flame rekindle their love affair with Sam gone? Or, will fans see a romance develop between Annalise and one of her students?

At the end of the season premiere, Annalise and her students are out having fun and enjoying life. Annalise takes to the dance floor with Wes, and their interaction has fans wondering if a romance between the two is in the works. The voice over for the final moments does have Annalise talking about a lover’s betrayal, and the scene in the club with Wes cuts to her bleeding on the floor in the flashback. Is that a bit of foreshadowing?

One fan asked Entertainment Weekly about the possibility of a romance between Wes and Annalise. The news outlet offered a small How To Get Away With Murder spoiler.

“I thought there was definitely something going on during that club scene, so I took that question to showrunner Pete Nowalk. ‘Wes and Annalise have a very special relationship,’ he says. ‘We definitely are going to reveal more about what that is this season. There’s lots of people in relationships with an age difference. It just depends on what you picture.’ So, maybe?”

Annalise and Wes’ relationship has been complicated since the start of the series. He caught her in the act when he walked into her house one night. In addition, the scene from the end of last season where he is crying with his head on her lap is one fans will not forget anytime soon. There is definitely something between this pair, but fans will need to keep watching to find out.

People are definitely tuning in to watch Emmy winner Viola Davis this season. Her big win has shined a new spotlight on the series.

According to Spoiler TV, How To Get Away With Murder was the top broadcast scripted series for its timeslot on Thursday night. CBS NFL Football topped the ratings on Thursday night across the board.

Are you excited to see more drama ahead on How To Get Away With Murder? The series will continue to air on Thursday nights on ABC.

[Photo courtesy of ABC]

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