Mysterious Video Shows A ‘Merman’ Being Rescued From A Lake In Poland: Is It A Hoax?

Mohit Priyadarshi - Author

Sep. 27 2015, Updated 5:44 a.m. ET

A mysterious and bizarre video of a supposed “merman” being pulled from a lake, which was uploaded on YouTube and other video sharing websites late on Saturday night, is already beginning to take the internet by storm.

The video appears to show a merman being pulled out from a lake, put on a stretcher, and taken away by mysterious officials dressed in bio-hazard suits. According to Mirror, the video was captured in Poland, though there have been no confirmations about the date when the video was shot.

In the short clipping, which lasts just under a minute and a half, a mysterious figure is seen surrounded by men in white suits as they carry the body to two waiting men, dressed in attire similar to that of paramedics.

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When the men in white suits lift the merman, a long fish tail is clearly visible. As they place the weird figure on the stretcher, the merman is seen lying down — his long beard resting on his chest.

The men, dressed as paramedics, then wheel the merman away to an unidentified location and no information about the video has been made available ever since.

The elusiveness of the video, and the fact that its origins have not yet been traced, means that the Internet is already rife with theories about what it could mean. Since its appearance online, the bizarre video has left many theorists claiming that the footage is definitive proof that the mythical merman exists. Some conspiracy theorists even believe that the merman may not be an earthling at all, claiming it could have alien origins.

But there have been skeptics who have deemed the whole thing as a hoax, preferring to look at the practical reasons which could have led to the emergence of the mysterious merman video. According to Metro, many online viewers have found the footage to be fishy, claiming it could either be a film prop or part of a viral marketing campaign.

We will have to wait to find out the truth behind the startling footage. What do you think could be the reasons behind the emergence of the video at this moment? Do you think the merman is a hoax? Let us know your views by commenting below.

[Image via YouTube]


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