Randall Lints And Alexandrea Chadwick: Dad, Girlfriend Starved Boy Despite DCF Watch, Reports Say

Randall Lints, a 26-year-old Hardwick, Massachusetts dad, and his girlfriend Alexandrea Chadwick — who, at 22-years-old, is the mother of Lints’ two younger children — were both indicted Friday on charges that they abused and neglected Lints’ seven-year-old son, Jack Loiselle, so badly that the boy has been in the hospital since July 14.

The case has made headlines in Massachusetts not only due to the horrific abuse inflicted on the boy, but because the state’s Department of Children and Families had been monitoring the situation in the Lints household since February, and last visited the home on June 29.

That visit came slightly more than two weeks before little Jack was found unresponsive, and weighing just 38 pounds — about a 25 percent drop in body weight from his normal 50 pounds.

The case has even involved Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, who defended the state agency.

“DCF deals with enormously complicated cases all the time and this one, based on what I know about it and I think what’s been written about it, certainly falls into that category,” the governor told WCVB-TV in July. “This isn’t the kind of situation where no one was paying any attention at all.”

Jack Loiselle was born into an unstable and disturbing family situation. His dad, Randall Lints, left the boy’s mother, Amber Loiselle, before Jack was born, and she obtained a restraining order against him nine days after the birth, stating that Lints threatened to harm her.

Yet somehow, Lints, a roofer by trade — but who was unemployed at the time the alleged abuse occurred — was granted custody of the boy last summer.

According to Massachusetts State Police documents revealed by New England Cable News, Lints locked the boy in a bedroom that was equipped with an alarm and surveillance system. To control what he and Chadwick said were severe, even violent behavioral problems, Lints took extreme measures, depriving him of food and fluids — supposedly to control Jack’s toilet training issues.

In addition to symptoms of starvation, Jack was found on July 14 with bleach burns on his legs because, according to the state police, Lints and Chadwick forced him to scrub floors as a means of discipline.

The police said that Chadwick told them of Jack’s behavioral difficulties, claiming he once tried to strangle one of the younger kids in the home, and was also cruel to animals. One kitten that Jack abused, Chadwick claimed, had to be euthanized due the injuries the boy inflicted.

Jack’s mother, when questioned by Boston-area media outlets, declined to comment on Jack’s behavioral difficulties, or any other aspect of the case, saying that she was advised not to speak by her attorneys.

Randall Lints is still being held on $200,000 bail. Alexandrea Chadwick is scheduled to be arraigned on the abuse charges on September 28.

[Images: WCVB, NECN Screen Captures]