Man Arrested For Breaking Into Ex-Girlfriend’s Home And Strangling Her Mom’s Cat

A 25-year-old Florida man was arrested after he allegedly broke into his ex-girlfriend’s home and strangled her mother’s cat. Eric Henry Medero was seen on security camera footage breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s home which she shared with her mother. Medero allegedly strangled a cat in the home before placing its dead body on his former girlfriend’s bed. When Medero was picked up by police they noted a series of cat scratches on his arms.

The Daily Mail reports that 25-year-old Eric Henry Medero broke into the home of his ex-girlfriend using a crowbar and killed her mother’s pet cat. The police report indicates that they were called to the Miami home by the mother after she witnessed the break in on her home security camera. Though the woman was not home at the time, she was able to see the footage from a live security feed and immediately called police.

Unfortunately, it was too late for her beloved cat. Upon entering the home, police found the cat’s lifeless body on the ex-girlfriend’s bed. Police note that when they arrived to the scene, they saw Medero exiting the home and attempted to apprehend him. However, there was a small chase on foot before they were able to subdue the suspect. Medero was noted to have scratches on his arms that were consistent with that of a cat.

According to NBC Miami, Eric Medero is being held on charges that include animal cruelty, burglary, stalking, and criminal mischief. It was also noted that the ex-girlfriend had filed an injunction against the man in the past for allegations of “dating violence.”

Sadly this isn’t the first time a lover’s quarrel has been taken out on one of the party’s pets. As the Inquisitr previously reported, earlier this year a woman named Kinny Redmon allegedly put her ex-boyfriend’s puppy in a hot oven at 300 degrees Fahrenheit. She then used a pay phone to call her ex informing him to “go get yo’ puppy out the oven, (expletive).” Unfortunately, the pit bull puppy was roasted to death before the owner could make it back to the home. That particular woman was charged with two felony charges which included animal torture and aggravated cruelty to animals and is still awaiting trial.

Medero is being held in jail without bond awaiting his hearing. How much time do you think Eric Medero should serve for strangling his ex-girlfriend’s cat?

[Image Credit: Miami-Dade Corrections Mugshot]