One-Pound Baby Born At Sea: Cruise Ship Doctor Makes Mistake By Pronouncing The Baby Dead

A one-pound baby born at sea had the odds of his survival stacked against him. The baby, Haiden Morgan, was born 15 weeks premature. Doctors aboard the Royal Caribbean International cruise ship informed the mother, Emily Morgan, that her baby was considered to be a miscarriage and was dead. Moments later, doctors realized that the baby born at sea was in fact still alive, but struggling for every breath he could get. Emily was informed by the cruise ship doctors that Haiden would not likely survive. Emily demanded that she be taken to see her son.

“I had felt him kicking. I felt the process of him getting bigger.
‘I said, I’m going to see him, I don’t care if he’s alive or if he’s dead.'”

The first time that Emily met Haiden, he was wrapped in wet towels and a small oxygen mask was placed by his head to help him get the oxygen he desperately needed. The cruise ship was over 100 miles away from any land and did not have any of the tools or equipment that a premature baby born at sea would need for survival. The medical staff had to improvise if baby Haiden was going to survive. With the help of Emily, the crew was able to create an environment similar to an incubator by wrapping Haiden in clean, dry towels and placing warmed packs of saline around his body. While all this was happening to keep the miracle baby born at sea alive, the captain of the cruise ship was going as fast as he could to get to the next port, Puerto Rico.

The cruise ship arrived in Puerto Rico two hours sooner than expected. It was clear that Haiden’s condition was getting worse. He was showing signs that his circulatory system was not functioning properly. Now that they were finally on land, the family was rushed to the nearest hospital to try and stabilize Haiden. After a few days, Haiden was transferred to a children’s hospital in Miami, Florida. Emily Morgan gave an update on her miracle baby’s condition.

“His lungs were fully developed, so his prognosis is good. On a daily basis they tell us he’s a miracle baby.”

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Haiden will remain a patient at the Miami children’s hospital until mid-December. The original due date for Haiden was December 19.

What are the odds of survival for a premature baby born at sea? According to the medical director of the newborn intensive care unit at the University of Utah, Dr. Bradley Yoder, the chances for survival of a child born under the circumstances Haiden faced are less than 10 percent.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page due to the cost of the medical expenses required to keep Haiden alive. The family is asking for donations that total $37,000. Currently, the family has received donations totaling over $33,000. The page has been shared more than 1,000 times. Emily, Haiden, and their family are thankful for all the love and support they have been getting during this time. Emily will be writing updates on how Haiden is progressing during his treatment.

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“We are forever grateful for everyones’ prayers, thoughts and donations. We will be keeping everyone updated with Haiden’s progress and journey in the coming future.”

Do you consider the survival of this premature baby born at sea a miracle?

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