Murder-Suicide Details Emerge For ‘Ghost Adventures’ Couple Mark And Debby Constantino

New details have surfaced as pieces of the investigation into the deaths of ghost hunting couple Mark And Debby Constantino continue to evolve and come together.

The ghost-hunting couple was featured on the Travel Channel‘s television show Ghost Adventures, but tragically the two were found dead Tuesday from an apparent murder-suicide that was preceded by the shooting death of another man, reports the Associated Press.

The once-reportedly happy ghost hunting couple both resided in Nevada. However, domestic problems were plaguing them in recent years, domestic problems that are believed to have led to the murder-suicide.

The investigation into the murder-suicide of the ghost hunting couple, which pursued evidence across the Reno and Sparks areas of Nevada, first found the male roommate of Debby Constantino, James Anderson, dead inside their Reno home with a gunshot wound to his head.

Meanwhile, Debby and Mark Constantino, the ghost-hunting couple, were not at that Reno home, and not until several hours later did authorities catch up with them at their grownup daughter’s apartment in Sparks where the ghost-hunting couple was barricaded inside.

According to Sparks police Lieutenant Rocky Triplett, after finding Debra Constantino’s roommate, James Anderson, shot dead in their shared home, law enforcement realized that given the ghost-hunting couple’s domestic violence issues and pending divorce, the need to find Debby was urgent.

Unfortunately, the standoff that followed once police had identified the location of the ghost-hunting couple ended with the murder-suicide and three people dead from gunshot wounds, according to the Business Insider.

When police first arrived at the apartment of the ghost-hunting couple’s daughter, they were greeted by gunfire, followed by attempts to make contact with the holed-up couple and specifically Mark Constantino who was presumed to be the member of the ghost-hunting couple behind the shooting of the deceased James Anderson.

Despite police negotiators being able to quickly make contact with Mark Constantino once they arrived at his daughter’s apartment, the wheels of what would ultimately lead to the murder-suicide were already well in motion, and approximately two hours later police heard a gunshot.

A SWAT team quickly smashed through the apartment door of the ghost-hunting couple’s daughter, but it was too late, with both Mark and Debby Constantino already dead from gunshots.

According to Washoe District Court records, Debby Constantino requested and received a restraining order against Mark Constantino last week, but apparently that wasn’t enough to keep Mr. Constantino away, resulting in the deaths of the ghost-hunting couple and James Anderson.

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