Personal Safety Apps All The Rage: From ‘Companion’ To ‘Circle Of 6’ [Video]

Paula Mooney - Author

Sep. 26 2015, Updated 6:53 p.m. ET

With the popularity of apps proliferating app stores, all types of apps for all kinds of purposes are popping up therein. One big genre of popular apps include “personal safety apps,” as reported by CBS. Although the safety apps work in various ways and contain differing features, the main connection is that they aim to keep those who use them safe. Certain ones alert designated people listed in the person’s contact list that there is trouble, in the event that specific conditions are met.

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As reported by Fortune, one of the most popular safety apps is Companion, an app that’s been downloaded more than 500,000 times. The procedure for using Companion includes alerting the app that you’re on a journey whereby you want a companion. For example, a young woman walking alone across a darkened college campus. The app will periodically check in to find out if the person is okay, and it gives that person a set amount of time to respond, or else designated folks are alerted to trouble.

As seen in a Today video, Companion is demonstrated, along with other safety apps like “Circle of 6” and “LifeLine Response,” which offer similar features and more. Companion not only lets people alert their friends and family of their whereabouts — they can also contact police if need be.

The “Circle of 6” app bills itself a bit differently, allowing users to choose six friends or contacts to be their “Circle of 6” that will be alerted to their location and travel plans. With such a large group of friends or family members watching, the thought process is that if something goes wrong, someone will see it and take action in order to try and prevent a tragedy from happening.

The “LifeLine Response” app is a bit more elaborate, and comes with a monthly fee, and interesting services to try and help keep their users safe.

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“The moment your thumb leaves your phone’s screen, authorities are poised and ready to help. Unable to enter your disarm code and they’re on their way. When triggered, your phone becomes a personal alarm system emitting an ear-piercing sound while flashing, while authorities are en route.”

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Users don’t always have to keep their thumbs on their phones. The “LifeLine Response” app offers other means of triggering alerts — as well as the ability to use the personal safety app in covert mode.

With all these apps purporting to help their users travel in a safer manner, it’ll be interesting to see the forthcoming news reports about the lives they’ve saved.

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