Tamra Judge And Shannon Beador Say Vicki Gunvalson Definitely Knows Whether Brooks Ayers Is Lying, Expect A Fight At ‘RHOC’ Reunion

Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador expect a big fight at the upcoming The Real Housewives of Orange County season 10 reunion show, with the person at the center of the fight being Vicki Gunvalson. In an interview with Hollywood Today Live, published on Friday, Tamra and Shannon talked about the drama surrounding Vicki and Brooks Ayers regarding their claim that he has cancer.

Whether or not Brooks really has cancer has been a major focus of the show’s current season. During their interview, Tamra and Shannon said that Vicki definitely knows whether Brooks is lying about his cancer. “Absolutely,” Shannon replied when one of the interviewers pointed out that the housewives believe that if Brooks is lying about having cancer, Vicki knows and she’s in on it. Tamra believes that Vicki will certainly be questioned at the reunion show, which films next week, about her involvement in Brooks’ possible big lie.

“Well that’s the big, um, I think that’s going to be the big fight at the reunion.”

Shannon added that Vicki definitely knows the truth.

“I mean to me it’s not a what if. She’s a very, very intelligent woman and someone can’t go through chemotherapy and all the procedures you go through with cancer and not know.”

Tamra revealed the proof that she wants Vicki to provide.

“I mean, I just want to see the medical book with all the tabs she made. [She referenced it on the show] twice. I just want to see that book.”

The storyline of whether Brooks Ayers really does have cancer and Vicki Gunvalson’s possible lying and cover-up with him really kicked off after, during a scene with Tamra Judge, Meghan King Edmonds, and Heather Dubrow, Tamra’s physic said that he didn’t see Brooks having cancer. Tamra and Shannon told Hollywood Live Today that they would still have their doubts and suspicions even if the psychic didn’t say what he said. Shannon, who backed Vicki up in the earlier episodes when Meghan questioned her about Brooks’ cancer, but then in a later episode started questioning Vicki’s defensiveness and her reluctance to provide proof to prove the naysayers wrong, said that there are just too many inconsistencies to ignore.

“At this point, and you’ll see as the season goes on, there are so many inconsistencies and we want answers too. I mean when we’re defending our friend and then all of a sudden there’s certain questions posed to us, we just want the answer.”

While both Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador have both questioned Vicki Gunvalson when it comes to Brooks Ayers on The Real Housewives of Orange County, it seems that Vicki is more willing to forgive one than the other. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Vicki recently declared that she loves Tamra Judge and will not turn her back on their friendship now. Yet according to Shannon, she and Vicki haven’t spoken since filming the season, the finale of which she dubbed “Shannon vs. Vicki.”

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