'The Walking Dead' Season 6 -- What The Cast And Creators Think

With just one more week (and a day) until The Walking Dead season 6 premieres, here's a look at what the cast and creators of TWD are saying about it. Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead graphic novels, told Entertainment Weekly that the series may or may not follow along with the comic series.

"I can't tell you how closely season 6 will follow the comics!" he said.

"We have to keep people guessing. If you're paying attention, the material around volume 13 or so of the comic series has been getting adapted into the show most recently, but we always reserve the right to stray from the source or even jump back or ahead and do things out of order. All that said, the biggest differences we'll see revolve around Daryl, who was never in the comic, and Carol, who was long dead and never as cool as the TV version by this point."
The Wrap also reported that Kirkman, along with Steven Yeun, spoke at the 2015 National Association of Broadcasters Show (see video above) about season 6 of The Walking Dead. Kirkman teased "a lot of cool stuff" with Yeun's character Glenn, which may or may not involve killing him off. Both Kirkman and Yeun played coy when it came to the possibility of saying goodbye to yet another beloved Walking Dead character. Kirkman also said that Rick and Morgan's reunion will be the "spine" of season 6. There is hope that none of our favorites will be killed off, because Kirkman joked, "We don't kill the popular characters."

Robert Kirkman Dishes Rick Morgan Reunion is Spine of Walking Dead Season 6
Robert Kirkman Dishes Rick/Morgan Reunion is 'Spine' of Walking Dead Season 6

EW also interviewed other cast members of the show and all of them had their own opinions. Danai Gurira (Michonne) said that season 6 is "going to be very powerful and beautiful at the same time;" Lauren Cohan (Maggie) says it is "suffocating;" Steven Yeun (Glenn) says the characters are "broken and shattered;" Melissa McBride (Carol) calls it a "crazy ride;" Norman Reedus (Daryl) likens the characters to "wild animals;" and Andrew Lincoln (Rick) says it will be "astonishing." Executive producer Scott Gimple and others aren't spilling any secrets.

NY Daily Times, talked with Andrew Lincoln, Melissa McBride, and Steven Yeun about the upcoming season. Lincoln talked about how there will be more zombies than ever in the new season.
"We are unashamedly a zombie show, and we will give you more zombies than you have ever seen before...I know I say this every year, but I think this time we've maxed out on what we're capable of doing...It's the biggest, most ambitious season yet, and the crew have brutalized themselves to get this made."
Lincoln also doesn't think that Alexandria is ready to handle what's coming next in The Walking Dead. Yeun agrees and says the Alexandrians are "ill-equipped" to make it in the real world of Walking Dead. McBride said her character Carol will continue to be a double agent.
Greg Nicotero, who is also an executive producer and special effects designer of the series, confirmed Lincoln's assessment of more walkers to The Hollywood Reporter. Nicotero said that the show will be doing things they haven't done before, such as "digital augmentation of a couple of walkers."

"In the pilot, we had two days where we had 150 or 200 walkers when we were shooting with the tank. But this season, we had 300 walkers in one day, which is the most we had ever done," Nicotero says. "The shots in the trailer, the swarm of walkers on the road, that was one of the shots. It's just about taking the threat of the walkers and putting them in the forefront. When Scott pitched the season, he went, 'This is when the zombie threats are going to elevate and escalate.'"

Lincoln Promises More Walking Dead Zombies In Season 6 Than Ever Before
Lincoln Promises More Walking Dead Zombies Than Ever Before

Season 6 of The Walking Dead officially begins in just eight more days on October 11. Dead fans, are you ready for The Walking Dead season 6? Who do you think will be killed off this season?

[Lead Image Via Entertainment Weekly, Other Images Via The Wrap and NY Times]