New York Giants Rumors: Victor Cruz Ready To Return

New York Giants rumors about Victor Cruz may finally provide good news for fans. The Giants rumors coming from Saturday, September 26, indicate that Cruz is ready to play again. A report from CBS Sports states that Giants head coach Tom Coughlin has confirmed that Cruz will be back for week 4.

“That’s what we’ve been told. He’s improving and we’re hoping. He’s running. He’ll be running all weekend, and we’re hoping that there’s nothing but straight ahead positives in all his activities, and we’ll see next week if we can get him on the practice field.”

Cruz hasn’t played since tearing his patellar tendon during the 2014 NFL season. He returned to training camp this season, but suffered a calf injury that has kept him out for the first three weeks. His injuries have reached the point where he should now be able to play against the Buffalo Bills in week 4.

When Victor Cruz does finally take the field, he may give the Giants one of the best receiving corps in the NFL. The team already has Odell Beckham, Jr. as the first receiver and the emerging Rueben Randle in the second spot. Cruz will likely become the slot receiver for the team, giving quarterback Eli Manning yet another weapon to work with in the passing attack.

Fans of the team hope that recent New York Giants rumors include Cruz getting back to full health. He showed how dangerous he could be in the 2011 NFL season, catching 82 passes for 1,536 yards and nine touchdowns. He followed that up with 86 catches and 10 touchdowns the following season. Injuries wasted his 2014 season, but now Cruz will try to prove that he is a top-tier receiver again.

The team just won its first game of the season, beating the Washington Redskins on Thursday, September 23. Many analysts have discussed how easily the Giants could be 3-0 had the team not lost late to the Dallas Cowboys in week 1 and the Atlanta Falcons in week 2. Now it will become a battle to get back into the race for another division title.

For fantasy football projections, it’s too early to invest heavily in a player like Victor Cruz, but he could also take away stats from Odell Beckham Jr., Rueben Randle, and Larry Donnell. What it’s not too early to do, though, is add Cruz to a bench spot and see what he can do against the Bills. If Eli Manning starts targeting him a lot again, the next New York Giants rumors could include talk of him being a star once more.

[Image Source: Alex Goodlett/Getty Images]