‘Big Bang Theory’ Teasers: Sheldon Wants To Kiss Penny, Mentions A ‘Shamy’ Baby [Video]

The Big Bang Theory season premiere ended on a low note, thanks to Leonard’s lusty lips. Penny (Kaley Cuoco) and Leonard (Johnny Galecki) tried to give fans the fairy tale ending that they’ve been waiting for all these years, but the payoff was pretty depressing. After the couple’s Las Vegas wedding, all Penny could think about was her husband locking lips with another lady.

The first season 9 episode of The Big Bang Theory ended with Leonard and Penny going to their separate apartments after returning home. However, the newlyweds won’t avoid each other for long. Spoiler TV recently shared a few video teasers for the next episode of the show, “The Separation Oscillation,” and one of the teaser clips shows Penny and Leonard having another conversation about Mandy Chow, the woman Leonard drunkenly made out with when he was away on his North Sea expedition. They both can’t sleep because they feel so horrible about their ruined wedding night.

Sheldon (Jim Parsons) just happens to be awake when Penny and Leonard are talking about the lip lock that’s ruining their lives, and he comes up with the perfect solution for their problem. He points out that Penny can even the score by making out with another man, and Sheldon has the perfect candidate for Penny’s kissing partner: himself. He reminds Penny that he’s currently single, and what better way to make his ex-girlfriend Amy (Mayim Bialik) jealous than by making out with her best friend? The most surprising thing about The Big Bang Theory teaser clip below is not that Leonard and Penny are actually talking to one another — it’s that Penny actually seems somewhat receptive to Sheldon’s indecent proposal.

Spoiler alert: it doesn’t look like Penny actually takes Sheldon up on his offer. According to the International Business Times, Leonard will decide that the best way to deal with the problem is to confront the woman he kissed. Fans will finally get to meet Mandy Chow on Monday, and she’ll be played by actress Melissa Tang. Based on the actress’ Instagram page, she got The Big Bang Theory gig because she loves dogs as much as Kaley Cuoco does.

Spaghetti for Eloise?

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Big Bang Theory producer Steve Molaro talked to The Hollywood Reporter about Leonard and Penny’s discussion about Mandy Chow.

“The topic of Leonard talking to Mandy or Penny talking to her or the three of them talking to each other comes up. The thought of maybe somehow interacting with her that this can all be put to bed is the impetus behind it.”

Luckily for Lenny fans, Molaro promised that “things will start to get better” because Leonard and Penny really want to make their marriage work. However, it doesn’t look like “Shamy” fans will get to see their favorite couple back together anytime soon. According to the International Business Times, Sheldon’s attempts to win Amy back only make her angrier with him. One of his stunts involves trying to make Amy jealous by planting a sexy red bra in a box of her belongings that he returns to her apartment. Unfortunately for Sheldon, his little mind games don’t work on Amy — she’s too upset with him for talking about their breakup during his latest episode of “Fun with Flags.”

Sheldon tries using a red bra to win Amy back on 'The Big Bang Theory'

Amy also gets exasperated by Sheldon’s repeated attempts to act as if they aren’t broken up. In another Big Bang Theory teaser clip, Amy points out that Sheldon seems to be more interested in spending time with her now that they’re not dating than he did when they were a couple. Sheldon has the perfect comeback to this observation — if Amy wants to see less of him, then she simply needs to take them back. In the clip below, Sheldon also reminds Amy about the “baby” that they made together.

The Big Bang Theory airs Monday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. Do you think “Shamy” will eventually get back together?

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