Lucita Charles, Patrick Barrett: Case Of Woman Found Dead With Bible Verses On Her Chest Plays Out On TV One’s ‘Fatal Attraction’

Lucita Charles, the 28-year old Caribbean mother who was found dead in her home with bible passages stuck to her chest, will be the latest story to air on TV One‘s Fatal Attraction. Each week, Fatal Attraction brings you another horrifying case of love that has gone terribly wrong. The latest episode, entitled “Sin For The Son,” will chronicle the hammer-beating bible murder of Lucita Charles.

Lucita’s case was in the news back in 2010 after her dead body was found in her apartment in Toronto, Canada. Law enforcement officials say the scene was particularly heinous and bloody, like nothing they had ever seen before. An autopsy report showed that the woman, who was described as black, sustained stab wounds to the body and gashes to the head. Police found torn out bible pages pinned to the woman’s chest with a knife. Lucita Charles was the mother of a 7-year old boy who had cerebral palsy.

The crime was so shocking and so gruesome that it inspired Miami Heat basketball player Jamaal Magloire to pay for the funeral. Originally from Toronto, Magloire felt that was the least he could do to help the family who had lost their loved one in such a gruesome way, according to the National News Post.

Patrick Kirk Barrett confessed to the killing. In an videotaped interview with police, Barrett told them that the rage had started to build inside of him, prompting him to retrieve the biggest hammer and bludgeon the single mother to death. He also told police investigators that after the killing, he felt terrible about what he had done and decided to grab the bible, tearing out passages that he felt applied to her. It is at that point that he began stabbing her with different bible passages, one from the book of Ecclesiastes that talked about “a time to heal and a time to kill.” Barrett cried as he confessed what happened, and asked investigators to tell Lucita Charles’ mother that he was sorry.

Lucita Charles’ mother, Sheron Charles, is said to be completely distraught over her daughter’s tragic death. An even greater tragedy is that she left behind her beautiful son, whom she loved dearly, according to her mother as stated in the Star.

“He will not be able to feel her breath in his ears as she whispers, ‘I love you, son.’ And he will never feel the softness of her lips as she would kiss him. Mataeo will never feel the reassuring touch of his mother ever again.”

Don’t forget to switch the channel to TV One’s Fatal Attraction tonight at 9 p.m. central. The tease reads this way. Inquisitr recently reported on two other Fatal Attraction cases: Towanna Brinkley and Katrina Ben.

“Did She Meet Her Murderer at Church? When a woman is found with bible verses stabbed into her chest, investigators know just where to look. Lucita Charles was a strong-willed Caribbean mother fighting for a better life for her ailing son. Upon moving to Toronto, she met Patrick Barrett, a man who was everything she’d been searching for.”

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