‘Her Coloring Book’ Is Top Kickstarter Campaign Funded: Adult Coloring Book By Morgan Carson Captivates Women

Meet Morgan Carson. An artist creatively uninhibited and “inspired by femininity, joyful peace, and self-expression.” This is what Her Coloring Book embraces as a whole. Her message is catching on with gripping support as her project shows on Kickstarter, a funding platform for artists in a variety of mediums.

The 29-year-old native from Seattle is aiming to fetch $3,300 in order to print 100 copies of Her Coloring Book. Within one day she met that goal and now she’s at $6,379 with 85 backers. Not only that, she still has 21 days left to go. This project is the No. 1 coloring project live on Kickstarter. Copies of this adult coloring book will be completed in November, which is just in time for the holidays. Her Coloring Book will make an excellent gift to anyone interested in coloring books for grown-ups — a booming trend with no end in sight.

Pages from 'Her Coloring Book.' (Photo Credit: Morgan Carson)

Adult coloring books are growing in popularity as people have found a new way to unplug. Studies have shown that coloring books for grown-ups are stress-relieving and help adults find a nurturing calm while entering a world of creativity all their own.

This affordable, fun, and leisurely activity provides a means of enjoying time alone, or with a group of people. There are even “coloring parties” in which many gather to share their own creations of coloring books with their colored pencils, markers, and watercolors. Morgan has hosted five of these coloring parties herself where women have come to bond. It’s a way to decompress and for many who consider themselves non-artists to show how creative they really are. As a result, they reveal their own artist within.

Her Coloring Book is already a hit among women. Illustrations within the book show women in fantasy-type settings as well as mermaid scenes with intricate details surrounding them… symbolic of unlimited creative freedom. Everything comes to life with a splash of color and imagination. All the book needs is you to provide it.

As Morgan Carson explains on her website, her elaborate project beckons all that she’s learned about other women and herself.

Her Coloring Book is a blend of play, creativity and sensuality, calling forth the mermaid within all of us to sing our siren song and unlock our purest voices as women standing in celebration of each other’s truth. Her Coloring Book begs you to color outside your lines.

“As I traveled across the world by train and by plane, I met thousands of women. I listened to their stories while I myself learned to walk in bliss and color in my joy. This was not all sunshine and rainbows, for the darkness beckons us and I packed my crayons and rode all the way in.

“What I discovered is that we as women need each other. While playing alone can be beautiful, playing with a group of wild and liberated women is ecstatic. To get there takes celebrating each woman, her expression and wherever she is in the process. It takes leaving the competition of beauty, brains and business behind and jumping, dancing, and COLORING our lives together.”

Morgan Carson shares that it took her a while to learn how this newfound trend has called out to her. She’s a creator who’s vision is making other women feel empowered through the art that she provides them to complete the picture.

Artist, Morgan Carson, holding 'Her Coloring Book.' (Photo Credit: Morgan Carson)

“Everything is an act of creation — our habits, our communities, ourselves, and we are all artists,” Morgan writes on her website. “The more we give each other permission to create, to color outside the lines, and to give up perfection, the more we are walking bliss. So join me and women from around the world on the journey of Her Coloring Book.”

Her Coloring Book will be published with 23 pieces in standard and hard copy versions. Her printer is ready to print all of the copies needed in November once her Kickstarter campaign has reached completion.

If you’d like to support Morgan Carson’s Kickstarter project to fund the printing of Her Coloring Book, be sure to visit here and learn more about this amazing artist in her video. You’ll sure to gain both insight and inspiration from her heartfelt words.

[Images via Morgan Carson/Kickstarter]