Barcelona’s Lionel Messi Suffers Big Knee Injury Against Las Palmas — How Long Is He Out? [Breaking]

The soccer/futbol world was turned on its head on Saturday when Barcelona’s Lionel Messi went down on the pitch within 10 minutes of the start of at La Liga game at home against Las Palmas. It has now been confirmed that he suffered a serious left knee injury, and he is going to end up missing 7-8 weeks with a torn ligament.

According to ESPN, the injury happened in the opening stages of the match at the Camp Nou. Messi cut inside from the right wing and took a left-footed shot, which was blocked by Las Palmas defender Pablo Bigas. That was when it happened.

Messi rolled around on the pitch and received treatment to his left knee. After that, he tried to stay in the game and continue for a few more minutes, but the pain was too much. He shortly admitted that he couldn’t continue and was replaced after just 10 minutes by Muinr El-Haddadi.

Lionel Messi was inspected in the dressing room before being taken to Creu Blanca hospital nearby for tests and further care. He was back at the Camp Nou for the final whistle of the match, but he did not get back on the pitch.

About an hour after the match was over, the Washington Post revealed that Messi did indeed suffer a torn ligament in his left knee. One of the best soccer players in the world is going to be out of action for 7-8 weeks.


At first, it was just said that Messi would definitely be out for up to two months due to the serious knee injury. It is not known if he will be back in time for the El Clasico match against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu on November 21.

FC Barcelona has upcoming matches in Tuesday’s Champions League group game to Bayer Leverkusen and a La Liga trip next Saturday to Sevilla. In October, Barcelona has Argentina’s World Cup qualifying matches against Ecuador and Paraguay and a return to La Liga against Rayo Vallecano which will all be played without Lionel Messi.

When one of the best soccer players in the entire world goes down with an injury, everyone sits up and takes notice. Lionel Messi’s torn ligament in his left knee will have him out seven to eight weeks, which has Barcelona hurting and in a big way.

[Image via FC Barcelona Twitter]