Reviews Are In For ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ And People Are Not Happy

Tami Benedict - Author

Sep. 25 2015, Updated 1:11 p.m. ET

The sequel to Hotel Transylvania is now out and reviews are flooding in, but not all the reviews are as good as you would hop, you witness Mavis, who is raised among supernatural creatures in a hotel, fall in love with a human boy named Jonathan (Andy Samberg).

Hotel Transylvania 2 now focuses around Mavis and Jonathan’s son Dennis as he stays with his grandfather, Count Dracula, as the Count is trying to deal with his own family issues. While watching Dennis, Count Dracula also has to deal with his dissatisfied father who is unhappy that the count opened his hotel to everyone rather then just supernatural beings. On top of his uninvited father showing up, the count is worried that his grandson is going to a mere human instead of a real monster since his fangs have not dropped.

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Throughout the movie, Dracula and his gang take Dennis on numerous monster adventures to try and get his fangs to drop while Mavis and Jonathan go on vacation to California. Mavis, who tries to protect Dennis from all things monsters, is furious when she finds out what her father did and threatens to leave to California permanently.

The original Hotel Transylvania came out it received negative reviews from critics, mainly stating that the movie was stale, according to CSMonitor. Now with Hotel Transylvania 2 it is basically receiving the same type of criticism that the first movie got. Critics are calling the newest movie “predictable” and “safe.”

Critics are saying that Hotel Transylvania 2 would be better off as a 30-minute cartoon for Saturday mornings rather then a full length movie, while others believe that it simply didn’t do well because the film is not made for adults and rather a true cartoon movie made for children. Other critics believe that the length, not so relevant, middle of the movie will bored movie viewers, causing them to like the movie less and not 100 percent understand what Hotel Transylvania is trying to get across.

In the end, critics do say it tries to convey a message of always staying true to yourself or never trying to change yourself, so that is always a good thing right?

Will you go see Hotel Transylvania 2 in theaters or is this more of a DVD movie?

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