‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Spoilers: Who Killed Rebecca Has Been Revealed, But What About That Flash Forward?

Season 1 of How to Get Away With Murder ended with one killer’s reveal, but another dead body. Fans spent hiatus wondering who killed Rebecca. Fortunately, the Season 2 premiere not only gave viewers that answer, but it also introduced another mystery: Who shot Annalise?

But first, let’s break down what happened to Rebecca. Annalise and Frank had Wes on their suspect list, but with all the signs and discussions about a lover being a suspect in a murder throughout the HTGAWM Season 2 premiere, that would be too easy. Frank then set his sights on Laurel, but by that time, Annalise had figured out who was responsible: Bonnie. A flashback showed that even as Rebecca promised to be good and not to tell anyone anything, Bonnie taped her mouth and put a plastic bag over her head.

“She was innocent,” Annalise told her when she confronted her, but Bonnie argued, “you don’t know that.”

Despite everything going on, Annalise still needs a case, even if it means stealing one – siblings accused of killing their adoptive parents – from another firm by setting the lawyers up to fail in court. She succeeds, though they do bring up her own legal problems with her husband’s death, but she’s busy making her students have fun at an underground club when the aunt’s body is found and the girl is painting her dead parents. Two months later, a gunshot rings out and Wes flees the clients’ house where Annalise is bleeding.

Now, it is pretty much impossible to believe that How to Get Away With Murder would kill off Annalise, even at the end of the season, but this does raise several questions. Did Wes shoot her? If so, why? Did he find out about Rebecca? If he didn’t shoot her, who did? If not, did he just happen to find her? Why does this happen in their clients’ home?

Entertainment Weekly spoke to executive producer Pete Nowalk, who said it’s all about “who shot Annalise?” when it comes to this mystery, and there will be more flash forwards to the night teased in the premiere, but he refused to reveal when the truth will come out about what really happened.

Furthermore, Nowalk told The Hollywood Reporter that “there are a lot of people who would want to” shoot Annalise and yes, you will find out who did this season.

“We’re going to be jumping around because the show is about playing with time — and I like telling the story out of order. I want it to feel different. A lot of storytelling these days is just how to tell a story in what time. But it’s always my goal that we tell things in a way that’s satisfying and we give people answers as well as keep the story going.”

As for the fact that Bonnie killed Rebecca, the EP teased for EW that it changes her relationship with Annalise “in a big way,” which will be part of Episode 2.

Something else that will be addressed in next week’s episode has to do with a move by Michaela in the premiere. She was worried about Eggs 911, and though she deleted the text asking who the person is, she did end up sending a message – and Episode 2 will reveal if Eggs 911 knows it wasn’t Rebecca.

Finally, ABC has released a HTGAWM trailer for next week’s episode, and Annalise is not going to be having an easy time when she has to take the stand.

As for where Bonnie stands, “Screw up again, you’re going to be the next dead body in this house,” Annalise tells her.

How to Get Away With Murder Season 2 airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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